Ngwe Saung Beach

Myanmar may not be the first place you would think of for a beach holiday. The Country has been fairly isolated until recently but it is now welcoming more and more tourists and revealing its treasures as they travel around on Myanmar travel packages. It is nice to have variety in a holiday and this Ngwe Saung Beach travel guide seeks to make out a case for spending some time on the beach during a tour which inevitably includes crowded mosques and temples.

Ngwe Saung is on the Bay of Bengal in the Irrawaddy region of Myanmar and there are a number of small resorts catering for those who love beaches and water. Improving roads mean that the trip from Yangon is around 5 hours (260 km) which is fairly good in South East Asian terms. Not everything is so up to date and it is worth carrying some spare cash because ATMs are limited and often run out; it is one potential problem of Myanmar travel.

Ngwe Saung Beach travel guide

One thing that certainly is not a problem and this Ngwe Saung Beach travel guide wishes to stress it is that there are long stretches of white sand with few people around to disturb those seeking a quiet relaxing time. There are few stretches of sand longer or more impressive in the whole of South East Asia (Ngwe Saung translates into silver beach) because it stretches for 15 km. There is a coconut palm fringe dividing it from the interior.

There are snorkelling facilities though it is important to heed the warning about strong currents in places. The reward for snorkelling will be a host of colourful fish.  Bird watchers will enjoy the region for the numbers and variety of birds; Ngwe Saung Dam is the place to go.

Away from lying on the beach there are a few other things to do:

•    The local fishing village is educational. One of the pleasures of travelling on a Myanmar holiday is to see how the locals live. In the case of this coastal region fishing is an extremely important activity.

•    There is an elephant camp nearby and few people have ridden on an elephant before, and certainly no one that has not been to Asia. This Ngwe Saung Beach travel guide hopes that everyone is conscious of the need to value the environment and that includes its wildlife. In the case of the camp the elephants they are held in the camp for 4 hours in the morning then released to roam in the forest for the rest of the day.

•    Lover’s Island is an interesting walk at low tide though you will have to walk over rocks at times so do not go bare-footed.

•    You may want to go out to sea to catch your own dinner. The seafood is excellent and readily available even if you are not lucky enough to catch anything yourself.

Hopefully this Ngwe Saung Beach travel guide has whet your appetite to visit a region that is still fairly new on the tourist map. Myanmar tour packages are including beach locations and quite rightly too.

Ngwe Saung Beach map