Nightlife in Yangon

If you chose a Myanmar travel package, it is unlikely that you will do so for the nightlife the country has to offer. In Yangon, there is more than elsewhere in the country as you will find if you are doing a Myanmar tour. Yangon has around 15 night clubs of varying quality and that is almost all that currently exist in the country though with increased tourist numbers booking Myanmar holidays, that is likely to change.

If you want to go out and explore Yangon by night, here are some of the places that you may find interesting. Yangon is not full of bars so it is best to have a plan before you set out. The majority of the nightlife is downtown, close to the Sule Pagoda.

There are quality hotels that have their own night clubs and if you have doubts about wandering around at night, these are highly recommended:

•    Parkroyal (Club 5). Club 5 plays live music and attracts a crowd that is 80% foreign, the balance being rich locals because it is fairly expensive. It is open 7 days a week until 1 am.

•    Inya Lake Hotel (DJ's Bar, Inya Bar). Inya Bar attracts largely a rich local crowd though DJ’s will have a majority of foreigners, largely young. Both stay open very late; 4 in the morning.

•    Yangon International Hotel (Pioneer). Pioneer has been the best known of the city’s clubs in recent years and it actually stays open until 3 am seven nights a week.

Elsewhere, you can find plenty of night-time entertainment on Kanbawza Street if you simply want a restaurant, Kan Yeik Thar Street for a drink, while youngsters will enjoy Fuse Club in Myanmar Plaza or BME 2. Many tourists on a Myanmar tour package might consider heading for drinks in The Envoy, 50th Street or Union. They are certainly places where you will find ex-pats.

Taxis are the only way to get around, other than walking. It is perfectly safe to walk short distances incidentally though avoid side streets and dark areas. The best time to visit Myanmar is from November to February, the coolest season when it is also dry.

There are a few areas in Yangon where you will find nightlife. Myanmar Plaza is newly built in one of the best neighbourhoods of Yangon where you will have a choice of places; try Fusion, Cask 81 or Porterhouse for a start. The Fuse Nightclub probably holds the title of trendiest place in Yangon currently. You will find a cosmopolitan crowd with the majority rich locals. It is the place if you want a late night; closing is 3 am from Wednesday to Sunday.
Chinatown is around 19th Street and you will find everyone from backpackers and locals to ex-pats and businessmen in this district.

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