Beautiful Myanmar Beaches


Myanmar has a 2000 km stretch of coastline that includes plenty of unspoiled white sandy beaches to make this country a super-popular destination in Asia for a beach holiday. Some of the finest beaches are along the shores of the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.

Even though Myanmar is famous for its ancient city of Began and historical attractions, as well as the countless temples scattered across the country, there are also several quite gorgeous beaches to visit on the Myanmar customized tour.

Myanmar has two major coastlines – the southern Taninthayi coast, facing the emerald-green Andaman Sea and the western Rakhine coast that faces the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. The west coast is perfect for the Myanmar tours from October to May, but for the rest of the year the region is battered by heavy rains and strong winds.

With little in the way of tourists, many of the beaches in the country are still quite peaceful and remain remarkably pristine.

Here are a few of the most beautiful Myanmar beaches

Ngapali Beach
Ngapali beach is without a doubt one of the premier beach resorts on the Rakhine coast and is blessed with a blue sea with whispering waves, lush green coconut trees, and pure white sand beaches. The Ngapali Sea is rich in marine life such as Spanish mackerel, horse mackerel, sea bass, grouper, red snapper, coral, lobster and shrimp. This beautiful natural scenery is easily reached by taking a flight from Yangon – travel time is in the region of 45 minutes.

Beyond relaxing on the gorgeous beach, the tourists also get the change to explore the surrounding landscape with an excursion to visit the local fishing village or hire a boat for a trip on the calm waters.

Ngwe Saung Beach
Ngwe Saung beach (also referred to as Silver Beach) is located to the south of Ngapali beach and a great place to relax and sunbathe with its pristine beach area, while the deep blue waters are great for diving to witness the stunning coral reefs. The length of the beach stretches nearly 15 km which gives plenty of space to explore. By hiring a motorcycle it is possible to drive across the hard stones.

Other things to see include watching the local fishermen catch the local seafood, including squid, crab and shrimp.

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Chaungtha Beach
A visit to the charming Chaungtha beach is perfect for the tourist in search of a Myanmar holiday resort styled beach for the ordinary people. It is easily reached from Yangon (about 6 hours by car) or about 40 km from the Pathein of Ayeyawady region.

While this beach doesn’t have the most inspiring coastline, it does still get busy, especially at the holiday and festival times, as well as the weekends with locals. This isn’t really a resort area that targets the foreigners, but if in the area, it makes a relatively convenient option to squeeze in some sun and sand.

Beyond relaxing on the beach, there are also activities like inflatable rings, quad bike hire and horse riding. Also, boat trips can be taken to nearby islands with one including a hilltop pagoda.

Kanthaya Beach
Kanthaya Beach (also referred to as Pleasant Beach) gives a perfect opportunity to experience an authentic taste of coastal life with its stunning natural beauty.

It is located approx 100 km from the popular Ngapali Beach and on the Bay of Bengal in Rakhine State. Some of the great attractions of this beach are the offshore reefs and islands that make a pleasant short trip on a hire boat. Plus, there is plenty of wildlife in the local area, including tropical birds and parrots.

A visit to Kanthaya Beach makes it possible to get a great insight into Myanmar’s coastal life while also seeing the oriental style of the nearby houses and huts, as well as watching the local fishermen haul in their fresh catch of seafood.

Macleod Beach
Macleod Beach is a one of the less-frequented paradises in Myanmar and a great isolated beach to fully relax and get a break from sightseeing the ancient temples and relics. Macleod Island is off the west coast of Myanmar and makes up part of the Mergui Archipelago.

This island is known for its offshore coral reefs, its inland rainforests, palm trees and soft white sands. Spend a day or two on the beach to relax or explore the clear blue waters for a snorkelling trip, or hike inland through the forest trails that have plenty of wildlife to spot, including a variety of bird species.

Plus, this region is a popular destination for camping with several campsites available throughout the local area.

Maungmagan Beach
Maungmagan Beach (also referred to as Maung Ma Kan) has a stunning setting with beautiful hills rising in the background, and is 12 km from the city of Dawei.

Even though a lot of the people on the beach are locals, it is still a worthwhile destination to visit on the Myanmar travel packages for a short break in the sun. For somewhere to eat there are a few basic restaurants that serve fresh seafood. Plus, a trek to the nearby fishing village (about a 25 minute walk) makes it possible to explore a character rich area with a nice beer station that gives stunning views overlooking the sea.

Also, one side-effect of not being a major tourist area is that the refuse isn’t collected as often as elsewhere; this can leave the area quite unsightly, but still a safe area.

Island 115
Island 115 (also called Frost Island) has everything you want in a beach with its deep blue and green waters, a white sandy beach, and rich in hard coral to give perfect views of the small colourful tropical fish. There is plenty of action to be found at 115 Island, including jungle trekking, kayaking and shallow snorkelling options.

A great way to explore this part of the Mergui Archipelago is on one of the live aboard tours that stops for a day in the local area to let guests marvel at this wonderful piece of creation.