Myanmar Communication

Burmese is the official language in Myanamar and also the mother tongue of the people of Myanmar and Rakhine. Burmese can be classified into two types: the official is used in writing and formal events such as radio, speech, and another is found in everyday conversation.

Scripts in Burmese are written in character including circles and half circles, derived from the characters Mon. In addition with Burmese, English is considered as the second language in Myanmar. In some school, subjects are taught in English, so speaking- English tourists may not find difficulty in communicating with Myanmar people.

In public, the Burmese are very sociable. They avoid losing their temper or show a lot of emotion. The head is spiritually considered to be the important and highest part of the body, therefore the Burmese never touch anyone’s head, especially a child’s head because it is considered dangerous to a child’s well being.

Adults often give a lot of attention to their young children, even to those children who they do not give birth. Newborns are placed in cradles and carried on their mother’s back. When they are under 13 years old, their parents often allow them to go to pagoda to learn Buddhism.

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