Myanmar Lifestyle

Burmese people are hospitable and warm-hearted. 89% of population is Buddhists. More than 65 % of population are living in the rural area and living from agriculture. They have simple and ordinary lifestyle. Farming technique has not been changed yet in Myanmar. They still use oxen and buffalo for their farming.

Every village has one or two monasteries, pagoda as they are Buddhists, wells for taking bath (some families have tube well nowadays), lakes to collect the rain water for drinking and cooking.

In the villages, people wake up early morning and each family member takes their daily duty of farm works. In their spare time, the people visit to their relatives and friends. Some families host to their friends with green tea, fermented tea salad and palm sugar and chat together every night, what we call “Burmese green tea talk’. It is very importance to the elder people in the villages. As people from the tropical weather, they are talkative. The open video show in the late evening is entertainment for the villagers and there is no other entertainment. But life in the villages is very simple and out of stress.

Most Myanmar families are big and have about 8 members generally. But in the big cities, the family becomes smaller. Parents, grand parents and children live together in the same house. Generally, the adults don’t leave the family until they get married and the last married person keeps live with the parents. When both parents die, he or she shares the inheritances to the families of his/her brothers and sisters. The tradition is the good children are supposed to support back to their old parents in order to show their gratitude. And the young Burmese believe that they gain good deed by supporting their parents who are ranked just after the triple Gems; Buddha, Dhama and Sanga (the monk).

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