Brief GUIDE to Vietnam

04, March, 2016

Brief GUIDE to Vietnam

Vietnam is a friendly and great travel destination and quite a safe place to travel, as with other travel destinations. There are certain things to remember to minimize hassle during your travel.  Use the following list to suitably pack for your travels. With a cool head and sensible planning, you can enjoy a smooth and trouble free trip.

We love this country; I want you to love it, too. We’d just like to alert travelers to beware of the common first-time mistakes that may sour their experience of the local people and the country overall.

1. You should be careful when crossing the road in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh for the buzz traffic and as some people neglect when the traffic light turns red. This is the scariest thing is when you have to come across the street.
2. Avoid cyclo rides after dark.
3. It is better to ask for the price first when you want to take a taxi else you will be cheated.
4. Always ask permission first before taking photographs, when going around the old quarter and especially in minority areas.
5. Although security in cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is very good, you should be aware of robbery in this area.
6. Dress appropriately when visiting pagodas, local dwellings and religious sites.
7. Don’t touch any Buddha or God sculpture in pagodas.
8. Take your shoes off, when entering a Vietnamese house.
9. Instead of offering money directly to minority people, you should donate to a local charity.
10. Bring your identity proof along with you all the time.
11. Enjoy the tradition, culture and the beauty of Vietnam.
12. Have your valuables things safe before going to the beach or a night out on the town.  
13. Don’t drink the tap water, especially after flooding.
14. Always try to keep smile on your face as Vietnamese love that.
15. Sample the delicious street food but to some extent.
16. Mind your change as many of the notes look same. Take your time to count the zeroes or you'll accidentally make someone very happy.
17. Arrange for medical insurance prior to the departure, as there is no free medical treatment available in Vietnam.
18. Light weight clothing for the summer and warm clothing for winter in mountainous areas.
19. Emergency Kit and Insect Repellent for children.
20. Travel diary specifying all the tourist destinations of the country.

These are the common things to remember while planning a trip to Vietnam. Despite all these we will provide you all the releavant information to satisfy all your travel needs.

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