Adventure tours attract travellers in Da Lat

07, March, 2016

Adventure tours attract travellers in Da Lat

The resort city of Da Lat not only has romantic scenes for couples, but also many attractive activities such as crossing waterfalls, sliding in water troughs, and rowing a rubber dinghy on the river. Da Lat in Lam Dong province is a popular destination with both domestic and international tourists, and is often praised for the romantic beauty and cool climate all year round. In addition to the familiar sights as the Valley of Love, the berries garden, the pine forest and other sights, this highland city has many adventure activities attracting tourists, particularly foreign tourists.

Ride on a sliding car and go down Datanla waterfall

This activity attracts a lot of visitors, especially the young people and foreigners, at a cost of about VND800,000 (nearly $40).
After carrying out procedures at the resort, the player is equipped with the standard protective outfit and equipment before practicing with professional coaches.
Datanla Waterfall has seven floors, with different scenes and levels of difficulty. Players will get on a robe to drop to steep cliffs or move amid the waterfall, slide cable, jump freely or move along the rocky shore. It is exhausting but exciting.

Paddle rubber dinghy on the river

This new service is available on the Ba La River, for those who are in good health. Players are equipped with a special jacket and helmet, and guided to kayak through whirlpools.
The boat of the tour guide will lead the way. The journey of 3 hours, through 11 whirlpools on the river, is challenging as the participants have to overcome difficult passages. For inexperienced players, their boat can capsize, but it is important to remain calm and always tighten life jackets. The cost is about VND1.5 million ($70) per person.

Slide the water tray
The Datanla tourist site has a slide system along the Datanla waterfall. The slide system has 48 two-seat carriages, with a maximum speed of 40 km per hour. The carriage has hand brakes so players can adjust the speed. The slide tray is winding, taking visitors through the jungle to the Datanla waterfall. Ticket price is VND30,000/one-way.

Mountain biking

For bike enthusiasts, mountain biking tours in Dalat is an ideal opportunity for both sightseeing and cycling. Visitors joining this tour should have relatively good health. After being equipped with protective outfit and guided how to use the mountain bike, tourists will follow the tour guide to explore the pine hills, orchards and lakes, and conquer the high slopes or difficult terrain. The charge for the cycling tour is around VND525,000 ($25)/person.

Kayaking and camping

This is one of the low-level adventure tourism activities in Da Lat. Participants will be equipped with protective items, kayaks and instructed in rowing techniques. Then, visitors will follow guides to explore the area around the Tuyen Lam Lake, orchards, and go camping in a pine forest. This tour is suitable for groups or family without children, at a cost of VND800,000 ($40) per person.