Direct flight from Sweden to Phu Quoc Island

10, March, 2016

Direct flight from Sweden to Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island welcomed the first arrival of the premier nonstop flight on a B-787 Dreamliner from Sweden yesterday, March 8.

The flight was operated by TUI Nordic’s sister airline company Thomson Airways.

”We are very excited to open Phu Quoc Island as destination for our Nordic customers with three arrivals this month. Our ambition is to grow the destination and from December 2016 through end of March 2017 one flight per week will arrive in Phu Quoc,” Tommy Serban, senior product manager of TUI Nordic, said.

With the new international airport enabling direct flights from the Nordic countries, TUI Nordic has been looking for hotels that will meet the requirements and expectations of Nordic customers.

TUI Nordic’s customers generally stay for an average of 14 nights. Seventy per cent stay in modern 4-star properties, some in the 5-star hotel segment and some in less expensive bungalows on the beach.

”Phu Quoc Island has a relatively low number of hotels. With a few extra hotels with the correct layout, location and quality this can change, and that is important in order to secure a successful buildup of Phu Quoc as a destination. Overall, we see a lot of potential for Phu Quoc,” Serban said.