Asia Silk Culture Festival in Hoi An

25, March, 2016

Asia Silk Culture Festival in Hoi An

Viet Nam-Asia Silk Culture Festival, the first of its kind is set to take place in Hoi An silk village, central Quang Nam province on March 28.

The event will  include a seminar themed “Silk in modern life” and the fashion show “'Night of Oriental Silk Fashion” by young designers.

Other activities include an offering incense ceremony to Tam Tang Princess (Princess of silkworm), introducing and performing traditional silk weaving techniques of the Tan Chau silk craft village, the Cham traditional patterns making techniques and the Catu traditional brocade weaving.

Viet Nam - Asia Silk Culture Festival 2016 is the official event of International Silk Union and Asia Silk Alliance in World’s Culture Heritage Hoi An to promote silk trade and preserve the historical “Maritime Silk Route”.

The festival is expected to attract representatives from numerous Asian and European countries.