Bai Dong island is consider as Dragon eyes in Halong bay

29, April, 2016

Bai Dong island is consider as Dragon eyes in Halong bay

Bai Dong island is consider as Dragon eyes which is located on the southern edge of Halong bay. It is a small island, shaped looks like a big head and long tentacles that twist and turn. There is a lake, round like an eyeball, in the middle of the island that resembles an octopus head

Traveling to Bai Dong (Dragon eyes island) you will head to Vung Duc harbor in Cam Pha then take the speed boat about 30 minutes, you finally arrive in this island. This paradise island with its 300-400m natural white sand beach impressed and excited you with its pristine magnificent beauty.

Since there was no fresh water, tourist services nor even cellphone signal on the island, spend the day bathing and enjoying the island, and later return to the mainland instead of camping overnight on Dragon eyes island will be the best choice.

Tourist can lay on their hammocks hang between the huge tree trunks, instead of resting inside the tent. The sun was shining bright and the breeze from the water cooled us. The water was unusually still. It was an amazing experience to lie down under the lustrous forest cover and enjoy the beautiful orchestra of the birds of different species here. Crows and hawks hovered above our heads.

Besides, you also can enjoy the food which you had prepared on the mainland then you will have an amazing experience when traveling to this island.