Vung Tau beach surprises tourists

05, May, 2016

Vung Tau beach surprises tourists

Vung Tau beach used to be a most beautiful and popular beach in the south of Vietnam, but lost its image and tourists in a decade. However, tourists come to Vung Tau on their Vietnam holiday will be surprised.

It is too difficult to find traces of garbage. Mass media praises for the cleanliness of this beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau.

All rooted in the policy of the new leaders of the city who aware of the need to embellish the beaches to attract tourists, government leaders have held numerous meetings with tourism business, local people to regain the prestige and image of Vung Tau.

Two main goals are to tackle litter, and tackle hawkers. City officials also roll up into the sea and motor scavenging tourists not to litter which has strongly impress visitors as well as people in the city of Vung Tau.

Along with that, the '' aggressively '' of female vice president to dissolve in the sea street inspired with large companies in the industry.

The companies operating in the tourism sector, the beach management units embark on supporting the city.

The result was spotless beaches, there are no pictures of garbage like before. Guests comfortably rest without being disturbed.

The offensive images like undersea slobbering no longer reproduce.  Guests happily go to the food street where they will enjoy the amazing food. Much work to be done, but with this positive start, certainly the Vung Tau tourism industry will become more prosperous.