European tourists to Vietnam may be extended

17, May, 2016

European tourists to Vietnam may be extended

It was proposed to extend the visa exemption by Vietnam’s tourism ministry for tourists from five European countries up to 30 days in order to attract more visitors.

Since Western tourists usually stay for 3-4 weeks so the visa waiver for tourists from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK which conducted last July would be more available.

Vietnam Tourism Ministry confirmed that tourism campaign requires a long-term plan so it is necessary for the waiver policy is valid for five years instead of being subject to annual renewal.

According to official statistics, the number of visitors from five countries this month increased by 9-34 percent over the same period last year.
Since 2010 the number of tourists increased by only 5 percent a year but that number has reached nearly 14 percent during the past 9 months, it pointed out.
It also stated that the added travelers are estimated to have contributed pretty much US$171 million to tourism revenues.
These statistically hopeful numbers as nearly 3.25 million foreign arrivals to Vietnam this year, up to 18 percent compared with the previous time show that Vietnam's tourism potential is in the process of development. Therefore, tourism insiders have urged the government is easier in its the policy of visa in the context of fierce competition from other countries.

A typical example as Indonesia waives visas for tourists from 169 countries and territories and with this breakthrough policies, Indonesia hopes to welcome 5,000 yachts dock in 2019 and bring revenues of $ 500 million from Cruise. Malaysia does so for 155 nationals and Singapore, 150. Besides, Jakarta government aims to attract 20 million foreign tourists each year from now to 2019, to promote the growth of the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Particularly in 2015, 9.73 million tourists visited this thousands of islands country.

Meanwhile Vietnam welcomed less visitors than their 8 million last year, waives visa only for 22 countries, so is not yet able to compete with the others.
The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism last year proposed that the country should still add a further 19 to the list soon.