Vintage cafe shops in Ho Chi Minh city

23, May, 2016

Vintage cafe shops in Ho Chi Minh city

Being well-known for its vintage decoration, those coffee shops offer not only great local coffee but also take you back to the days a few decades ago between the 1960s and 1970s when Saigon city was not crowded, bustle and hustle.

A famous address can be named as Saigonese Coffee - Ut Lanh Cafe on Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1 which was originally a house dating back more than one hundred years. Visiting to the coffee shop, you will be surprised by its vintage decoration with a plank bed on the left, an old-style cassette, black-and-white TV set, a flower vase made of a used bottle, an old Vespa motorcycle, a few tea tables along the wall, a cupboard and dining table sets behind. Most of the facilities were second-hand that were used only in the past.

The owner revealed that they opened the shop with ambition to bring a quiet and vintage atmosphere to their clients who will surely have a relaxed feeling like at home. Many years before opening this type of café shop, he had to collect information and images about Saigon in the old days as well as collect relevant things that can be used later.

Another distinctive cafe shop that you can try is Nam Muoi Muoi Lam coffee shop on Ngo Thoi Nhiem Street, District 3. It is famous for countryside view of paddy, garden, fish pond, flying kites and bamboo trees where you seem to be back to your childhood.

Although you can find many types of modern coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh city from street vendor stalls to luxury shops, those vintage types in quiet corners are totally different, staying away from busy and crowded streets, bustle and hustle life.