Mai Chau valley, a perfect place to experience Vietnam countryside

02, June, 2016

Mai Chau valley, a perfect place to experience Vietnam countryside

The initial life of an expatriate is not really easy, especially in such a bustle country like Viet Nam. Being stuck in heavy schedule and the hectic pace of modern-day life or endeavoring to be used to heavy traffic, noise of urban life as well as new people sometimes you aren't yourself and die to get away in a peaceful place even just only a scant day off.

In order not to let your precious day of work slip, a visit to Mai Chau might be the nice cue. Located far from Ha Noi approximately 150km to the southwest, the rural and mountainous region named Mai Chau that Thai ancestors of Ban Lac (Lac Village) people settled many years ago has captivated and inspired the imagination of explorers and travelers.

Buses directly to Mai Chau that depart from the My Dinh bus station in Hanoi at 06:00, 07:30, 14:00, 14:30 will take around 4 hours untill you drop off in town and cost just 20 US$ for a round-trip ticket. If you notice, you can see the destinations posted on the bus windows. Passengers will get off the bus at the edge of Lac Village in the early evening.

Catch the sight of travellers are traditional stilt homesteads and fresh air in a remote and utter isolation combined with its spectacular scenery of paddy fields and mountains has added to its mystique. Mai Chau's treasure trove of charming, peaceful villages and stunning landscapes for visiters willing to get off the beaten path, of course cannot miss the breathtaking views in the morning.

After tiring hours on the bus, you can let off steam overnight in one of Thai ethnic house without paying much for guesthouses or hotels also booking any acommodation before, but at the same time it might expend arround 100.000 VND so as to experience truthfully the life of ethnic compatriots here.
Lac Village comprises adjacently multiple hamlets and there is no dificulty to find out a place for short break. You can walk to the village, if having any trouble in direction, friendly locals are always ready to guide. You can't take your eyes off many homestays with eye-catching architecture along the road are many homestays, one of them are Mai Chau Homestay which has its sister location Mai Chau Farmstay located slightly further down the same road. Enjoying a comfortable night in picturesque bamboo bungalows costs 10 US$ including the use of the facilities, besides, a free choice of motorbikes and bicycles for discovering beautiful surrounding landscape.

The Creator drew a lot of beauty spots into valley, everyday bamboo rafts travel gently on river. Fresh fish are grilled on charcoal grills creat white smoke and in oder to express your respect it isn't a good point to refuse this unique dish, nevertheless, its flavour will certainly take your fancy. Inspite of sleeping like a log in a siesta, easygoing hosts will also wake you when early evening fall quickly and invite you to a garden party and interesting activities waiting at the sister farm-stay. Special food and traditional tune can recommend this place as a surprisingly romantic retreat, these also charge enough energy for you before coming back home. From 3 p.m there are many buses to choose from this location. Just a few minutes to enjoy your exciting getaway, the best choice is drinking an iced coffee or a cold beer at the Mai Chau Sunset Bar to get high spirit and say good bye Mai Chau. You may find it hard to leave because of its fascinating scenery and companionable locals, but sure that this rustic beauty of Mai Chau always saved in your mind.