Hanoi - one of the greatest cities for tasty foods

21, June, 2016

Hanoi - one of the greatest cities for tasty foods

In the last few days, Hanoi was listed top among the world's 16 greatest cities for food by the UK's Telegraph. The other cities include Tokyo (Japan), London (the UK), Jaipur (India), New York (the US), Mendoza (Argentina), Bologna (Italy), Lyon (France), New Orleans (the US), Bangkok (Thailand), Barcelona (Spain), Singapore, Copenhagen (Denmark), Lima (Peru), Fez (Morocco) and Chengdu (China).

Especially, Hanoi cuisine turns out much more famous after American President Barack Obama enjoyed Bun Cha at a local restaurant in Hanoi.

According to the UK's Telegraph, tourists are advised to try local dishes at street stalls and the suggested foods are Banh My, Pho - Rice noodle soup with beef/chicken, Cam Tam - broken rice with grilled pork, pork skin, egg and fish sauce, traditional egg coffee - a blend of coffee and egg whites, folded with sugar, drunk hot or cold.

Not until now, Hanoi has been well-known all over the world for its delicate cuisine which is simple but subtle. Time goes by, this cuisine is more and more important to Vietnamese culinary culture with varieties but traditional features. That's why Hanoi street food and market tour is a must-do activity for tourists when traveling in Hanoi.

Besides that, cooking classes in Hanoi are also famous and popular to tourists as they can learn more about local ingredients and cooking method.