Unknown Xep beach is incredible destination in Asia

23, June, 2016

Unknown Xep beach is incredible destination in Asia

Located in a remote fishing village, Bai Xep is a golden sandy beach stretching between two large rocky headlands jutting into the sea, beach is like pristine paradise with beautiful scenery in northern city of Tuy Hoa.

Although the beach is only 500m long but Xep is listed in the list of “16 incredible destinations in Asia that tourist don’t know about yet” by US-based news website Business Insider.
The left side of black rock dumps are huge clusters of waves toss with layers of tiny droplets, this stretches from fine golden sand until the jasmine southern rocky headlands, seen from a distance, the place looks like a green grass covered hill.

Ground on this hill flat, quite large, it is the ideal place for the youth tent camp to await the sunrise or sunset on the sea.

The mainland is with receding sandy hills. From here, there are several trails leading into the interior villages.

If it does not fall on holidays or weekends, there is no one but you and the ocean in the middle of a windswept natural marvels.

Bai xep beach is just around 12km from Tuy Hoa city, it is easy to get there and if you are traveling Vietnam on land. Xep beach should not be missed.