Best street foods to try in Ho Chi Minh city

06, July, 2016

Best street foods to try in Ho Chi Minh city

A few days ago, an American blogger named Mark Wiends revealed best street foods to try in Ho Chi Minh city. He has many followers as he has widely travelled and experienced foods everywhere. So let’s see his recommended list of top street foods to try when traveling in Ho Chi Minh city.

Banh My: Praised as the world’s best sandwiches, Banh My is more and more popular and even sold widely abroad. Banh My is combined from a crunchy French baguette with pate, pork, cucumber, carrot, fresh herb, etc, and finally its flavor turns out as perfect taste.

Bun Rieu: Bun Rieu is said to be this blogger’s favorite when he was traveling in the city. This dish consists of vermicelli, crab broth, tofu, tomatoes, coriander and sometimes beef.

Banh Cuon: Its English name is Steamed Rice Rolls which is a very light crepe rolled with a mixture of minced pork, wood ear mushroom, and onions and eaten with Vietnamese Cha Lua, steamed bean sprout, cucumbers and fish sauce.

Banh Xeo or Crispy Vietnamese Crepes with Shrimp is savory and delicate crepe made of rice flour filled with a mixture of minced pork, shrimp, local herbs and bean sprouts.

So it can be said that, Vietnam cuisine is delicate, delicious and diversified from North to South. Tasting local foods is really a great way to learn about local culture and lifestyle.