Best Museum to visit in Hanoi

19, July, 2016

Best Museum to visit in Hanoi

Hanoi Capital City is well known as the political, cultural and economic center of the whole country – Vietnam. That’s why travelers love coming here for once in their lives to discover this legendary city that has been existed from more than 1000 years ago. Within the historical and cultural sites in Hanoi, museums should not be missed as each museum offers a different type of subjects like history, national heroes or Vietnam war, in which, Museum of Ethnology is considered as the best museum to visit in Hanoi.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is situated at Nguyen Van Huyen Road, around 10Km from Hanoi city center where display both real and sample objects of each ethnic minority in Vietnam. That’s why you will understand much more about local culture, tradition and custom even you don't have chance to visit to those remote areas where are home of the majority of Vietnam ethnic groups. Besides informative indoor exhibition, outdoor section is also amazing displaying dozens of houses modeling after the traditional houses of some ethnic minorities.

With all the above values, Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi wins tourism award for the second time from the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism. This award once again affirms its contribution to Vietnamese culture and tourism.

Year by year, the museum has expanded its scale to cover also Southeast Asian ethnic culture with over 30,000 artefacts.