Quang Binh offers new tour to discover Tu Lan and Tien Caves

02, August, 2016

Quang Binh offers new tour to discover Tu Lan and Tien Caves

Tu Lan Cave system have now been connected to tours to the Tien 1 and Tien 2 Cave systems to create 11 tourist attraction. There are 3 main types of tours that travelers can visit:

- The one day tour with Tien 1 cave and Mooc lake
- The two day tours combine Tien 1 & Tien 2 and Mooc Lake.
- The four day tours visit Tu Lan cave and Tien Cave.

Tien cave system includes Tien 1 and Tien 2 cave. Tien cave is about 2 km long, located in Cao Quang, Tuyen Hoa District, distance from Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park about 100 km. Impressive in Tien cave are the stalactites at cave gate. Because sunlight can shine into so the plant should grow quite well here, forming spectacular natural picture. When visiting Tu Lan Caves travelers must swim through water. At Tien Cave, can walk through streams.

Mr. Nguyen Chau A - Director of tour operator the Oxalis Co., told with "VN Economic Times": There are two reasons why Oxalis expanded its tours to Tien Cave Firstly, it wants to diversify its tourism products and bring more experiences to travelers. “Secondly, our company wants to create more jobs for local people. Beside, The company has also built environmentally-friendly toilets at each tour stop.