Recommended activities while traveling in Hoi An

08, August, 2016

Recommended activities while traveling in Hoi An

Located in the Center of Vietnam, Hoi An Ancient Town is always one of the most attractive tourist sites thanks to its peaceful atmosphere, charming old streets, diversified architecture, beautiful beaches and amazing shopping stores. While traveling to Hoi An, you will be reminded a golden age of one of the richest and the most prosperous urban in southeast Asia, a place where 3 major communities named Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese lived harmoniously together for many years and left us numerous original cultural and historical values. With all the above features, Hoi An is a must-see destination when traveling in Vietnam and let us show you must-try experience while visiting to Hoi An:

Biking to countryside villages: One of the most impressive feature in Hoi An is that everything is just near from each other including both shopping stores, ancient streets, beaches, restaurants and countryside villages. That’s why biking tour is a must when you are in Hoi An as it is the easiest as well as amazing way to discover that beautiful land. The recommended sites to bike from your hotel in Hoi An includes An Bang Beach, Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An Ancient Town, Tra Que Vegetable Village, Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Thanh Nam Fishing Village and Cam Ha Flower Village.

Cooking class & street foods: Being home of many different communities for many years, Hoi An gets a perfect cuisine combined from both Vietnam, Japan and China. Then, joining a cooking class in Hoi An will bring you first ideas of a diversity of ingredients, spices and cooking methods. Especially, there are dozens of delicious street foods in Hoi An that clients will surely fall in love such as sweetened porridge, Quang Noodle, Banh My Phuong, milk coffee, etc.

Shopping: Hoi An is surely an amazing place for shopping lovers as there are hundreds of shopping stores and stalls within the ancient streets from souvenirs, clothes to bags, shoes and silks.

Tailor shop: Getting your clothes made within 1 day only, Hoi An offers such a great service like that. Have a look around the tailor shop, choose your favorite silk and you will get your perfect products very soon.

Beach relaxing: Beach is one of Hoi An’s advantages. There are 2 beautiful beaches in Hoi An that you can choose consisting of Cua Dai Beach and An Bang Beach. Cua Dai Beach is more popular and crowded whereas An Bang Beach is less touristic.

Boat trip: A charming boat trip along Thu Bon River in Hoi An is really a great idea as you can enjoy the beautiful views on both sides of the river. This is where many festivals and events are held as well as where local residents earn for their livelihoods.

Snorkeling and diving: Just very near from Hoi An, Cham Island is a perfect site for diving and snorkeling thanks to its iconic coral reef and sea creature.