Tips for travelling in Hanoi

16, August, 2016

Tips for travelling in Hanoi

Are you a foreign tourist on a trip to Ha Noi capital of Viet Nam? What are waiting you in Ha Noi? Keep in mind the following tips before you get on your way!".

Visa: You can apply for a visa using the online service, but it is best to apply through the Embassy or a Vietnam travel agency if you do not want to wait 90 minutes at the airport of Hanoi to be resolved.

Aircraft: Do not book tickets too early or too late because the airlines usually raise fares before 6 months till the date of travel, descending for 2, 3 weeks later and then increasing again. There are many airlines have flight to Hanoi : Vietnam Airlines; Air Asia; Cathay Pacific; Dragon Air; Hong Kong Airlines. Singapore Airline; Eva air; Thai aways…

Taxi: Taxi service in Ha Noi is cheap and serves thoughtfully. Taking taxi from Noi Bai airport to the downtown Ha Noi costs about 350,000 VND (17 dollars) and 10 minutes around the city just 30,000 VND.

Public buses: Even cheaper, consuming only 5,000 VND to go from the airport to the old town. In the inner city, the bus fare just even costs 3,000 VND.
Motorbike taxi: The best way to experience the bustle of Hanoi. Price to be paid for approximately 10 minutes' drive is 10,000-15,000 VND, depending on your ability to bargain.

Communication: Most Hanoi people can speak a little English. You can also try your luck at a guidebook to communicate Vietnamese, but it is better to use "body language" or hire guides.

Finding guides: There are many choices, but you can trust in our Vivutravel ,a Vietnam travel agency with a big team of professional guides.

Currency: One dollar is approximately 20,000 VND, but you also do not worry about having no Vietnam money because USD are widely accepted.
ATM: The ATM machine is present everywhere. International ATM include HSBC and ANZ Bank but if you want to draw more than 1 million, you had better use ANZ ATM near Hoan Kiem Lake.

Climate: Climate in Summer (June-August) is uncomfortable due to high temperatures and humidity but in Spring (March-May) actually more pleasure. In Fall (September - November) it’s really great to go for a walk on the street to admire the poetic old towns as well as enjoy the passionate perfume of milk flower that nowhere having except Ha Noi and in Winter (December - February) the climate is cold and moist.

Eating: You cannot say that you had arrived in Ha Noi if not eating chicken noodle soup here. In addition, it can "try" some famous specialties such as La Vong fried fish; noodle rolled, Vong village green rice flake cake... Even the most special dishes: copperhead’s blood alcohol,...Phở ( Ha Noi noodle).

Drink: Like chicken noodle, beer on sidewalk is indispensable. You can easily identify some drinking beer points with the words “Bia hơi Hà Nội".
Coffee: If Hanoi people do not drink beer, it means they're drinking coffee. Let's visit the Old Town cafe at 11 Hang Gai town as it's the best place to see the Hoan Kiem lake.

Overnight staying: There are many choices of accommodations in Hanoi, from budget to luxury. For example, Golden Silk boutique, Hanoi Backpackers, Medallion, Hanoi Elegance Emerald, Sofitel Metropole Hanoi, InterContinental Hanoi Westlake hotels…

Shopping: In Hanoi Old Quarter there are rows of fashion stores, souvenirs shops, snacks, trinkets stores ... If you want to find a shopping mall with air condition, please come to court Vincom, where have luxury fashion brand, cinema and gaming zones.

Activities: Destinations having many activities are the museum and the mausoleum of President Ho Chi Minh, the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, Hoa Lo Prison, or tram route running around the Old Town. Also not to be missed night market in the old town.

Internet: Like motorcycles, internet cafes everywhere. The hotel is also connected to the internet.

Take a picture: There will be a lot of things you want to photograph in Hanoi, especially in the old town. But some people, especially older people do not want to be photographed. Be polite and consult them in advance.

Never fear: Hanoi can make you overwhelmed, but that's great. Let's try everything, go everywhere and ask someone if lost. A smile can solve everything in this city.