The endless attraction of Son Dong Cave

05, September, 2016

The endless attraction of Son Dong Cave

Being famous as the largest cave in the World, Son Dong is located in the center of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh Province in the Central of Vietnam.

The cave was first explored in 1991 by a local named Ho Khanh but he didn't know that the cave is as big as it is. Then it was fully explored in 2009-20010 by a group of cave researchers from British with the help of that local. And finally, in 2013, the cave was opened to the public.  

The cave is so massive and its largest cavern can fit a 747 flying around. It is more than 150 meter high and 200 meter wide with 9Km long. The stalactites and stalagmites inside the caves are enormous that you can hardly find elsewhere. Jungle even exists inside the cave too with an unreal scene like the earth in its beginning. The misty clouds cover the cave and make it much more mysterious.

A tour to Son Doong Cave will offer tourist opportunities to pass more than 50Km of forest and mountains with steep slopes, wide rivers, deep gorge as well as a thrilling zip line of 80 meter to the cave entrance. To do an adventure tour like that, it requires a team of 22 porters, two cooks, five safety assistances, one cave expert, a tour guide and two forest rangers.

Thanks to its worldwide values as well as its primitive beauty, Son Dong Cave attracts a lot of domestic and international tourists to come and discover. Because the number of travelers to the cave is limited to keep lowest impacts to the ecosystem inside the cave, tours to Son Dong Cave is even fully booked until 2017.