Moon Festival in Vietnam

16, September, 2016

Moon Festival in Vietnam

Every year, on 15th day of 8th month) when the full moon is at its brightest in the year, children are allowed to go out, lantern parade, to eat moon cake, and watch lion dances so funny. That was the Mid-Autumn Festival(Moon Festival) - a festival having a strong attachment for Vietnamese, especially Vietnamese children.

Mid-Autumn Festival is a well-known feature of Vietnamese, but not many people know where the Mid-Autumn Festival originated from. Until now, there has not been any clearly verified documents for this, but people know more about the origin of this festival through the legend of King Tang Ming Huang, who lived in China, century (713 - 755), and also the legend of Phoebe and Hou Yi, Cuoi in Vietnam. After forming in China the mid-autumn festival has spread throughout the neighboring countries as well as the Chinese colonial countries. Vietnamese history document does not show exactly when the Mid-autumn Festival appear in our country, just know that from hundreds of year ago, Vietnam's ancestors have embraced this tradition.

Chinese often organize lion dance in Lunar New Year, conversely, Vietnamese would like to organize Lion Dance during Mid-Autumn Festival. A Lion dance crowd usually consists of a person wearing a lion head that made of paper and dance lion's gestures to the rhythm of drums. There are also people play Clash Cymbals, hold light color, five-color flag,... Lion dance crowd go ahead, adult and children follow.

Mid-Autumn Festival is also regarded as Children's Holiday, but adults also take part in it, so the children will be dealt out a Mid-autumn Festival cake and fruit in the family or neighborhood, join the eventful, funny cultural program, and farmers will also leave aside temporarily their farming work to together wait for the moon, adults wish each other well, prepare for feast. Autumn festival feast includes fruits such as persimmon, banana, green rice flakes and especially the dogs made with grapefruit pieces, its two eyes are black beans. Grapefruit is selected as the feast because it is believed that fruit with sweet taste will help to drive away ghosts and evils. The rounded shape of the grapefruit symbolizes prosperity, perfection. Moon cakes is specific cake of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam, with round or square shape symbolizes for earth and sky, the fullness and affluence, and usually enjoy with green tea, often is pretty acrid tea - one of the favorite drinks of Asians.

Not only Vietnam, Mid-Autumn Festival also take place in many other Asian countries such as Korea, China, Japan, Singapore ... Mid- Autumn Festival has become the largest traditional festival, held each year in full bloom with its own identity and customs.

Undergone some changes with time, mid-autumn festival is still partly upheld its good value. This is reunion day when people give each other the best wishes. The children have the opportunity to lantern parade, sing, served out feast and especially the opportunity to eat candy at their will and pleasure without fear of being scold. In addition to entertainment meaning, Mid-Autumn Festival is an opportunity for people to watch the moon and predict crop, national destiny. If the moon is yellow, developing seasons that year, whereas, if it is green moon, there will be disaster this year. If the moon is orange, country entering a prosperous year.

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