7 things of Hoi An which attract foreign tourists

28, September, 2016

7 things of Hoi An which attract foreign tourists

• Beaches
Perhaps Hoi An is not really famous for the sea, but it has two extremely beautiful beaches. If you are not afraid to ride bike extra km, guests will surely have a sea trip to An Bang beach ( from the center of Hoi An 3 km to the north) or Cua Dai beach ( located from Hoi An 5 km to the west).

• Charmingly ancient architecture
Hoi An is tenderly beautiful even when tourists visit the suburbs. Each curved roof are painted with bright colors hidden inside historical stories of hundreds of years ago. Strolling in Hoi An ancient town as if tourists were wandering in a movie with sounds of countless loudspeakers playing melodious music.

• Placing an order of clothes
Hoi An is known as the center of tailor-made clothes. There are hundreds of shops lie close on the street, it means that there will be variety of choices for visitors to order tailor-made clothes, shoes or bags. Visitors should spend time watching stores and choose materials before ordering. If you find any favourite style, you can buy there or tailors will take your measurements and sew by request of customers. 

• Fresh life
Cycling to areas around the green farm located in the outskirts. Here, you are involved in cooking classes, making girdle-cake and gardening. Besides, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy home-grown local dishes.

• Lively market
Market in the old town is always crowded with buyers, sellers, from small shops to street vendors and tourists. If you get up early, you can go to market in the morning when sellers are opening goods in the roadside.

• Plentiful cuisines
Because of having many specialties dishes, Hoi An's cuisine is extremely unique. Cao Lau is a special food you should try when the first time visiting Hoi An. It is made of traditional pasta served with shrimp, pork, herb vegetables, beansprouts and stock. Steamed wheat and crescent are another dishes attract tourists and they also have another name white rose. Crust made from rice flour surrounds the stuffing of pureed shrimp inside.

• Active night life
When the sun off mountain, Hoi An is not sunk in silence. The folk music and dance are performing lively in the evening along the riverside. On special holidays, people organize a night festival compllete with flower garlands and colored lanterns on the Thu Bon River to pray best luck. In addition, visitors also have chance to shop around for some nice souvenirs such as silk or several chain necklaces at the night market.