Where to shop in Vietnam

07, October, 2016

Where to shop in Vietnam

It is difficult to find a place for children during a Vietnam family tour and In order to solve this problem, you need to go to www.vivutravel.com which provides the different Vietnam tour packages according to the user’s needs. In the Vietnam, they provide the  wide range of the  family  activities  with the  well  accommodation  which  will more comfortable for the  traveler who wants to visit the Vietnam. There are  different  amazing  place, ancient building  in the Vietnam  and  amazing shopping mall, so plan  your   trip to Vietnam,  which  will the  memorable  trip in your lifetime. They provide first class transport for the visitors for 24 hours which will be trouble free of the travelers to visit the place. There are many famous shopping mall presented in Vietnam which are going to discuss below.

Vincom center:
The vincom  one of the  famous  shopping  malls in  HCMC  and  this   construction center  was  completed  successfully  in the year 2010. The building structure gives a stunning look for the viewers and it contains many floors which cover the colored glass.  Some of the interior design   makes the people to astonish on seeing this building.  This shopping mall is a heaven for the fashion lover and you get the latest trend product with the reasonable price. In this shopping mall, they sell the quality and branded items like Jimmy Choo, mango, Armani and so on.   At the same time, this mall is famous for all kinds of the jewelry and makeup product like toys and shoes.  You can buy the any kind of product and need thing inside the vincom center. There   is an elevator facility for the people to visit the different floor in the   easy way.  This  shopping mall has  a comfortable dining area  with a variety of the  delicious food items  and they  provide the  food items according to the users  need  which  will be more  comfortable  for the   people to taste their  meals and dishes.  This food floor   is located on the basement floor and there is a game center for the kids is located on the 5th floor.  There is a small garden  for the children called as  the  fairy garden  which  has a number of the  playing  instrument  for the shoulder   so it will be more comfortable for the   cheddar to play the  different games in the garden.

Diamond Plaza:
Diamond plaza is one of the amazing and big shopping mall in Ho Chi Minh City which located at 34 Le Duan Street. The  shopping  mall is  older  than  vincom but  still  has more  number of  visitors  from  buying the  different  product  in it.  The  outlook  of the this  shopping  mall  attractive  look  for the  people and  infrastructure  for the  building give the  astonish  look for the  people  who had  eyes on it . In the shopping mall, you can fine the variety of food on the 3th floor. In the shopping the mall, the fast food is more famous and most of the people wish to choose the fast food. Next to the third floor has plant of the latest games which will be more comfortable for the children to play the game for countless hours.  Inside this  shopping mall, you  can  get  whatever you want , so it will be more  comfortable for the  people  to buy the  need things  in this  mall itself. During the holiday time, this mall has filled with different people and children.

Ben thanh Market:
The Ben Thanh Market is considered as a Venum in the city of Ho Chi Minih and it is called as the historical place. Ben Thanh Markets is not a shopping mall and this market has the number of foreign visitors in each and every year.  In this place they will sell the different kind of the goods and other product every day as well as you can fine number of the latest collections of the fashionable dress with the stunning colors and styles. This market is special for getting the different goods as well as latest dress and you can get all the accessories like house wares. There is  a comfortable transport facilities to reach the mall in short time without getting trouble  on it, so most of the  tourist people like to  go visit this market  when you plan a trip to  Vietnam.