Mai Chau will become national tourist site

25, October, 2016

Mai Chau will become national tourist site

According to the development plan of Mai Chau national tourist- Hoa Binh province in 2030 with an area of 710ha, Mai Chau attains the criteria of national tourist from now to 2020 such as: a convenient transportation infrastructure to tourist attractions with parking services, public toilets, firefighting, water supply, communications and other services to meet the requirements of travelers, security, safety, and sanitation as prescribed by law.

By 2030, the chamber reaches 1,460 accommodation establishments chamber; create jobs for 6,900 employees, of which, 2,300 direct employees; welcome 1,1 million visitors, of which, 400,000 international visitors; total revenue from tourism reached 1,340 billion ...

There are 16 investment projects the resort have approved, 12 projects to support tourism development, investment projects 5 system of rural roads. This is the basis for Mai Chau urged investors domestically and internationally to research, learn, mining investment cooperation Mai Chau tourism resources, tourism contributes to the development of Hoa Binh province and Northwest tourist.

To become a national tourist destination in 2030, Mai Chau focus carried out a number of specific measures including: Mechanisms and policies, support the district focus on land, develop accommodations of tourism from 3-star or higher; developing restaurants to serve tourists, the ecotourism destinations and resorts; investment in the development of community tourism, human resource development, environmental remediation, construction standard toilet.