Moc Chau - The stunning spot of lifetime

15, November, 2016

Moc Chau - The stunning spot of lifetime


If you are looking for the ultimate beautiful destination with impressive forest and mountain, Moc Chau Plateau won’t disappoint. Moc Chau is known as a peaceful and simple land where you can enjoy pure air as well as discover unique cultural identity of ethnic compatriots. So, let’s find out how beautiful it is so that you can be ready for a trip right now.

Moc Chau district belongs to Son La province, nearly 200 km away from Hanoi to Northwest. The whole district has about 150,000 inhabitants. Although the material life has been in certain difficulties, but not because of this people and the lives of Moc Chau becomes less vivid.
People often wonder if Moc Chau is always beautiful with white flower fields or hills covered with white-dotted flowers as we see in the Internet. In fact, this nice place changes its appearance every season. Generally, in any season Moc Chau brings a different beauty enough to fascinate you right from the first sight. Going to the plateau before and after Lunar New Year (late January until the end of February) you can admire extremely gorgeous colors of white-dotted, cauliflower, wild sunflower blooming every corner of Moc Chau.

When you visit in March, taking part in some extremely exciting traditional festivals is a very special experience that you won’t want to miss. In November, cauliflower, wild sunflower, ageratum conydoides along with red color of poinsettia will definitely make your photos more glorious. From April to August, the weather in Moc Chau is really cool and windy. Although there won't be flowers, you can pick water apple along the road as a gift after journey.

If you want to celebrate Independence Festival with the Mong compatriots and a lot of domestic and foreign tourists, arrive in early September. This is a special occasion that you will have opportunity to admire traditional ethnic costumes, watch many games and competitions such as tug of war, bag jumping, stilt walking, traditional dishes cooking,...In addition, there are some fork music, playing fork instruments, and so on.

Moc Chau also impresses you as the way it is. If you’re planning on taking a Vietnam adventure tour as well as looking for a new place for Vietnam tour packages, you’ve come to the right place. Because Moc Chau is not only picturesque but also home to plenty of specialties. Delicacies in Moc Chau include Moc Chau yoghurt, fresh milk, peanut brittle, Shan Tuyet tea… and delicious dishes: stream fish soup, hot pot of chicken, fresh vegetables, especially famous fried veal.