Why Vietnam is the ideal destination for English speaker

17, November, 2016

Why Vietnam is the ideal destination for  English speaker

A global language training company named EF Education First announced a list of countries with the Top English Language Skills in the EF English Proficiency Index of which Vietnam was ranked 29th. According to the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, those are the easiest countries for English speakers to visit. Because of the fact that Vietnam’s population can speak English are 53.81 per cent, just followed four countries: Singapore (61.08 per cent), Malaysia (60.3 per cent), India (58.21 per cent), and South Korea (54.52 per cent). An Australian media website new.com.au also stated that “Buzzing street life, great food and stunning scenery; despite its rise in popularity over the last few years, Vietnam is still beautiful and still super-cheap”, besides, visitors need around 10$ a day to cover accomodation as well as food expenses.

An other clear evidence indicated this feature of Vietnam is from a travel website in the UK skyskanner.net which voted Vietnam as the second-cheapest tourist destination in 2016 along with the first one is Cambodia.

In addition, Vietnam was rated in the Top Culinary Hotspot for Solo Travelers 2016 by Tourbar.com. There are many delicious dishes that the famous chef Anthony Bourdain recomend for tourists as must-try food when visiting Vietnam such as bun oc (vermicelli and snails), nem chua nuong (grilled fermented pork rolls), bun moc(vermicelli soup with pork and shiitake mushrooms), and Hai Xom beer especially a noted course called bun cha (vermicelli with grilled pork, spicy fish sauce, and vegetables) was paid a lot of compliment from the US President Brack Obama during his visit in Vietnam. If you are a slave to food, you will be definitely fond of Vietnamese food, however, in order not to meet with serious difficulties in finding exactly appetizing restaurants, you should follow a Vietnam Tour Package because they will cover all for you.

If those who are looking for a lively and busy city, Ho Chi Minh city won’t disapoint you. No matter how old and stunted your soul feel, you will become young again when coming Ho Chi Minh City since this active city has a variety of bars and clubs for everyone to meet and enjoy tasty cocktails in eventful atmosphere of electronic dance music. Last July, the Traveller website of Australian listed Ho Chi Minh City in the Top 10 new global party destinations. Moreover, there are many leisure centers in Ho Chi Minh City like pedestrian malls with fountains and beautiful views, all-night coffee shops, pubs, bars and stores around Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien streets.

According to statistics, the number of international tourist arrivals to Vietnam and domestic tourists in the first ten months of this year are respectively 8.077 million and 53.3 million compared with the last year. This shows that Vietnam is making a strong impression on international as well as inland guests.