Pom Coong - The village characterizes Thai ethnic minority

01, December, 2016

Pom Coong - The village characterizes Thai ethnic minority

Mai Chau is famous for many picturesque villages, among them Pom Coong - a village impressed visitors by assertively natural character of Thai ethnic minority as well as the poetic landscapes promising to give visitors the most wonderful experience. If interested in unique customs of Thai compatriots, why not head for Vietnam vacation - Mai Chau tours in order to discover this beautiful highland. You'll be amazed at what you'll find!

Traveling to Pom Coong village is becoming more and more popular with international tourists. This small village of Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh Province has long since been a brilliant spot attracting a wide variety of travellers to visit.

Many people are often curious about the name “Pom Coong”, in fact, in Thai language, Pom and Coong is respectively hill and drum, thus Pom Coong means the village of hills lying on big drum, also fields in the figurative sense. Today, Pom Coong village comprises nearly 70 households with more than 300 people and 7 large family living in harmony together.

Coming Pom Coong, tourists are not only impressed by pretty natural scenery but also cultural beauty, especialy houses on stilts. Houses on stilts are usually built in clusters and according to Thai traditional architecture: floors are made of bamboo and about 2 meters off the ground; columns of the house are solid rough timber; roofs are covered by thatch or brick; one thing more special in comparision with the other ethnic minority 's is that there are looms for Thai women to weave brocade . Besides, it is also place to display souvenirs, mainly brocade products for tourists when visiting to Pom Coong village.

Pom Coong draws throngs of tourists, mostly foreigners, who love to explore the lives and culture of Thai ethnic minority in particular and other minorities in general.

Apart from enjoying quiet and peaceful landscapes, tourists will have opportunity to immerse in the unique culture of the ethnic minorities here such as watching folk dances, sleeping in stilt houses, drinking stem wine and so on.

When the night falls, it's time for music, dances. At that time, beautiful Thai women with wind Pieu towels in hand and men playing gongs will dance with the tourists, surely bring a great memory. At 9pm, when all bustle activities has paused, Pom Coong returns its original quiteness.