Balloon flight - new travel service in Hoi An

06, December, 2016

Balloon flight - new travel service in Hoi An

Hoi An - a must-stop site for all Vietnam tours has released a new travel service - balloon flight offering bird's eye view over rural areas, beaches, Hoi An ancient town & My Son holly temples. It is really a great option for those who want to see the panoramic view of that beautiful and charming area.

Hoi An Ancient Town is just around 35 Km from Danang city & Danang Airport that attracts thousands of domestic and international tourists every year. That charming town is situated on the banks of Thu Bon River that has played an important role in Hoi An culture & life.

That’s why the balloon flight promises tourists life-time experience. Besides that, there are a lot of amazing and fantastic activities in Hoi An that offer unforgettable memories and the tour options are as below:

1/ Hoi An biking tour: Spending a day leisurely biking around countryside villages in Hoi An is really a great idea and you will see the real life of local people. Especially, you will join a basket boat riding passing fabulous water coconut gardens.

2/ Hoi An farming & fishing tour: A great option for family traveling with kids as you will really take part in local’s life, gardening and fishing. Highlight of the trip is a buffalo riding in the field.

3/ Sea walking tour at Cham Island: This is also a new travel service in Hoi An offering unique opportunity to discover the marine life with beautiful coral reefs and fishes. The walking time under the sea is exactly 15 minutes.

4/ Cooking class: You will have chance to visit a local market in Hoi An to learn about local ingredients before joining a cooking class instructed by famous chefs. At the end of your trip, enjoy all dishes that you have cooked and take a rest on a boat trip on Thu Bon River.