Vietnam during Tet

18, January, 2017

Vietnam during Tet

Tet is popularly known as the biggest, the most interesting as well as the most colorful holiday in a Vietnamese year. That’s why those who want to see the amazing activities and discover the real, lively cultures as well as learn about the unique customs should plan visiting Vietnam during that time. You are promised to pass lifetime experience that others can’t have, however, there are something you should know before deciding to plan traveling Vietnam during Tet. As below, we provide you with some advantages & disadvantages of a Vietnam tour during Tet:

Advantages: Your Vietnam tour during Tet is always full of beautiful landscapes and decorated streets, houses, buildings, etc that are prepared to welcome New Year. Everywhere are full of flowers, smiles, happy faces and warm hearts. That’s why you will be surprised by Vietnamese’s people friendliness and hospitality, even you surely heard about that. Wandering around the big cities is a nice way to see how locals prepare for their Tet, from decoration to food. The markets are chaos and crowded all the time with traditional foods served in Tet meals. Flowers are sold not only at flower markets but also on every streets & corners, from flowers to Tet Trees like Kum Quat, Peach Blossom or Apricot. On the last day of Old Year, young people hang out for fun, enjoying Tet atmosphere, and especially, joining in the count-down parties. On the first days of New Year, all pagodas and temples are teeming with locals coming to pray for a new year full of health, success, luckiness and prosperity. If you go with a Vietnamese tour guide, he will be willing to give you all information about Tet as well as invite you to his home in order that you can see everything in the closest way. Besides that, there are a lot of fabulous events organized for entertainments and you can surely take part in.

Disadvantages: Being the most important holiday in year, Tet is always the time no one wants to go out for work. As a result, many services like tour guide, transportation, meals will be overcharged in order to give those who have to work during that time higher salaries. In general, the prices for Vietnam Tet tours can be 20-30% more expensive than other periods. You should also be aware of many closed services during Tet like some tourist sites, restaurants, shopping stores, supermarkets, etc.

Anyway, if you don’t care too much about the disadvantages that you may get while traveling during Vietnamese Tet, a Vietnam Tet tour is highly recommended to you.