Ba Be Lake - Fairyland of Vietnam

19, January, 2017

Ba Be Lake - Fairyland of Vietnam

Ba Be is one of 100 largest freshwater lake in the world, located in Ba Be National Park (Bac Kan province) which is recognized as national tourist destination in Vietnam with primitive beauty. The world’s freshwater lake conference which was organized in March 1995 in America recognized Ba Be Lake as one of 20 world’s special freshwater lakes needed for preservation and development. These numbers has proved somewhat the charm of Ba Be Lake, but when actually come to this lake you just can discover firsthand its beauty.

The harmonious combination between mountain and river beauty helps Ba Be to become one of the ideal places for travelers to visit in Vietnam Northeast Tour. With the pleasant atmosphereof the mountainous area, you can go to Ba Be at any time of year, however, you should come in the summer to enjoy the coolness of Ba Be Lake.

Sometimes you want to escape from the hectic life of the city and go somewhere to be immersed in nature. There are so many places to hide along with nature, but it is shortcoming if you skip Ba Be, where many people chose to nestle whenever they feel tired and bored. At the place called Ba Be you can eat, live with friendly locals in the traditional stilt houses, leisurely sail the canoe on the quiet lake surface, go to admire the mysterious caves associated with many legendary stories. Therefore, a Ba Be Lake tour deserves to be one of the best destinations in Vietnam.

The most beautiful cave in Ba Be is Puong cave with the length of 300 m and height of 30 m so the boat can move inside, the stalactites in the cave create a lot of interesting shapes attracting tourists, there are also thousands of bats living and residing in the cave. Morever, Hua Ma Cave, also known as "Treo cave" which located from the center of Ba Be National Park about 10km to the south, is also a large cave with attractivebeauty, bearinga legendary mystery. In addition , you can drop in Fairy Pond to watch the footprints on the rock that related to the legendary story of Hunter and seven fairy.

Coming to Ba Be Lake, travelers will have opportunity to enjoynot only the beautiful natural scenery, but also home-made specialties like fish, shrimp lake, and many other dishes such as chicken fed on the hills, wild vegetables, suckling pigs, bamboo shoots an