The Reasons Why You Should Travel to Hanoi In Spring

09, February, 2017

The Reasons Why You Should Travel to Hanoi In Spring

If you are in a divided mind as to which the most beautiful season to visit Hanoi, the following reasons will convince you to spend your precious time here in spring.

1.    Warm weather
There are four distinct seasons in Hanoi of which spring and autumn are the most appropriate time to visit. If the winter and summer is respectively so cold and hot that you don’t want to go anywhere, the spring is extremely pleasant and warm. Many people love the poetic space of autumn in Hanoi, the others certainly wait for a new spring to travel because of drizzling rain stirring their heart.

2.    The beautiful flower villages
Spring is the season of many beautiful flowers in Hanoi, among them Nhat Tan peach garden is the most unusual. On these days, the orchard is crowded with those who want to admire and take pictures with the fascinate peach tree. The image of charming Ao Dai, colorful lanterns and red packets decorated in the peach garden would make everyone feel the Tet holiday atmosphere is more bustling.

3.    Peach-blossom floods all streets.
Traveling to Hanoi on warm spring days you will have opportunity to admire Hanoi streets filled with striking color of peach blossom as if spring is knocking at door of every houses.

4.    Romantic Blackboard flower and Ban flower (Bauhinia variegata)
Spring is also the season of the Blackboard flower, Ban flower blooming along all the streets of Hanoi such as Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Hoa Tham, Buoi streets especially in March, Blackboard blooming flowers create an extremely charming natural setting. Spring also brings Hanoi the purple color of Ban flowers. The weather these days is erratic like a girl's personality, however, just relax under the blooming Ban trees will find your soul really peaceful.

5.    Joining jubilantly festivals
There are many special festivals in spring . On this occasion Hanoi attracts millions of visitor’s arrivals. A series of traditional festivals will be held to commemorate the heroes of the country such as Giong Temple, Co Loa, Dong Da hillock festival, Hai Ba Trung Temple Festival and so on. Especially Huong pagoda festival taking place for several days is an ideal destination for tourists not only because the Huong Pagoda is a place to worship, pray for luck, happiness but also to visit the beautiful sights, poetic rivers, interesting caves.

A travel to Hanoi in the spring will be definitely a memorable and exciting experience in your Vietnam travel itinerary. Spring is coming so do not miss the opportunity to discover Hanoi!