Visiting Dong Hoa Hiep Ancient Village in Tien Giang Province

14, March, 2017

Visiting Dong Hoa Hiep Ancient Village in Tien Giang Province

The ancient village is located in Dong Hoa Hiep Commune, Cai Be District, Tien Giang Province, about 46km from My Tho City. The houses are not as close together as in the other ancient villages, but scattered in 6 hamlets of Cai Be district. The number of old houses dated from 150 to 200 years old and from 80 to 100 years old are respectively 7 and 29 houses, they are hidden in the gardens of sumptuous fruit trees creating a mysterious beauty that attracts visitors right from the gate. In the ancient village of Dong Hoa Hiep, there are prominent houses such as ancient house of Mr. Xoat, ancient house of Mr. Kiet, Mr.Ba Duc, Mr. Cai Huy, Mr. Liem, Mr. Vo and so on.

Ancient house of Mr. Ba Duc - homestay experience

The 160-year-old house is located at 155 An Loi hamlet, was built in 1850 in harmonious architecture of Southern and French culture, surrounded by orchards. The house is 0.5m high above the ground, making a difference with the ancient houses of the same time, showing its architectural sophistication.
The house is divided into two compartments: the front and the back, in the middle of two compartments there is a yard to get light creating cozy space for the house. Coming here you will not only visit around the house but also experience hick homestay.
Enjoy delicious fruits in a 2-hectare-garden (longan, milk fruit, grapefruit, orange); The special food of the South West such as grilled snakehead fish rolled with girdle-cake.
Here you will have chance to enjoy a variety of delicious fruits or special food of the South West like grilled snakehead fish rolled with girdle-cake and join interesting activities such as fishing, transplanting rice seedlings, river excursing, riding bicycle around garden…

The old house of Mr. Xoat - The oldest ancient house

From National Highway 1A, along the river road about 3km to An Thanh hamlet, you will see Mr. Le Quang Xoat's house. The house has the appearance of Western architecture, but inside interior are completely Vietnamese style.
The ancient house of Mr. Xoat is known as the oldest house in the village.
Built in 1818 with an area of 750m² using wooden materials in Hue architectural styles such as pillars, trusses, roofs and furniture ... are elaborately manipulated or encrusted.
By 1920, the house’s front side was built according to French architecture, the highlight is a round, straight cement pillar painted white with many patterns in accordance with the ancient Western architecture.