Hue Imperial Citadel officially welcome tourists visit at night

29, March, 2017

Hue Imperial Citadel officially welcome tourists visit at night

This attractive product of Hue tourism started from March 24th expecting to extend tourists’s stay in the ancient capital of Hue. In the evening, on 22 April Hue Imperial Citadel area (Thua Thien Hue province) was officially opened for tourists to visit at night.

The royal palace will be illuminated to respect this world heritage. The Royal Palace Night setting is decorated from Ngo Mon Gate to Can Chanh Palace.
The outstanding feature of the Imperial Citadel in the evening is that the Royal Palace appears in a novel appearance, more flickeringly and colorfully with the support of lighting effects.

Mr.Phan Thanh Hai, director of Hue Monuments Conservation Centre said: "Opening the Imperial Citadel for visitors to go sightseeing in the evening is to create a new point in Hue tourism activities in the hope of keeping visitors stay in Hue longer. This is a lack in present tourism activities of Hue City".

According to Mr.Hai, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre has been enhanced on displaying exhibition in some important parts as well as offering some special art performances to serve tourists. This is a distinct feature compared to in daytime.

Visiting Hue, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy ancient palace ceremonies such as retorting ceremony, Contemporary music performance  or other interesting activities and  reconstructed  traditional court games.

This is considered as one of Hue tourism incentive programs in high season 2017. The objective is to provide new tourism products, create more attractive destinations at night for visitors while travelling Hue.

Opening time is from 19h - 22h. Tickets price in the evening is applied the same as daytime, 120 000 VND / person for Vietnamese and $150000 / person for international visitors.