The coffee shop in Hanoi makes travellers wish for a visit

05, April, 2017

The coffee shop in Hanoi makes travellers wish for a visit

Giang has been familiar to Hanoi capital and people here since the French colonial period as a part of "characteristic culinary culture". This café with "one-syllable name", is named after the owner, who also created the unique egg coffee, Mr.  Nguyen Van Giang. It sounds imposing, but the shop's quite modest and located deeply in a small alley that is just enough for two people can walk into.

Mr.Giang worked as a bartender for a well-known hotel Hanoi Sofitel Metropole in the French colonial years. Cafe Giang was opened in 1946 in the first place on Cau Go Street. Then, the cafe was moved to Hang Gai Street, it was not until the early 2000s, Giang cafe at 7 Hang Gai separated into two stores at Nguyen Huu Huan and Yen Phu Street as nowadays.

Hiding behind the hustle and bustle setting of Nguyen Huu Huan Street, through small hallway is a nostalgic space. From red-brick steps, to the small tables and chairs placed close together, glasses, plates and so on, all of them carry the mark of time.

The simplicity in layout as well as arrangement, not only makes the distinction but also makes a strange sense of closeness. Image of the pavement cafes is so familiar to Hanoi people, suddenly appearing in everyone's mind.

Like the other famous coffee shops of their generation, Giang also has "black" and "white" coffee but the most famous dish here is egg- coffee. At first, when it comes to coffee and egg, there is nothing related. But you have to experience yourself so that you can feel why it is so widely spoken.

The york and coffee seem to be two strangers, but when they are whipped into cream, the yolk smartly holds back  the most unpleasant  bitterness of coffee, and instead of its sweetness and fatness waking up the whole taste of coffee drinkers. Moreover, the aromatic flavor of egg yolk also makes the taste of coffee become more passionate. Two "alien" are becoming more and more passionate, entangled with each other.

This unique drink  can conquer the heart of the diners right at the first weting your lips. No need to be too sophisticated or skillful to make a cup of delicious egg cafe. But to achieve perfection, in addition to being meticulous in selecting eggs and subtle in preparation, puting in it the heart of people who make it is also important.

"My father created and developed this recipe during the period of social reform after the war. At that time, milk is a rare commodity in Vietnam, so he  varied by substituting egg yolk for milk. "- Mr. Nguyen Tri Hoa – the youngest son of Mr.Giang shared.
So, it is not surprising that Giang Cafe has become one of the popular places with a group of cafe lovers in general, and is an must-must-gone place for international travelers in particular when having the opportunity to visit Hanoi.

On social network, international friends continually pay their compliments  on the drink that "It's impossible to find anywhere in the world apart from Vietnam." - Cheryl.W shared on Tripadvisor; "This is the best kind of cafe I have tried. Trust me! You shouldn't miss it when visiting Hanoi. "- Lee.s shared on Instagram, and even for Sondra.M, egg cafes are also  considered as an "invention of human".

From egg coffee, Giang has recently created many new types of variations of eggs quite interesting like cocoa, matcha, green beans. But for me, egg coffee is beverage you must definitely call once coming Giang coffee.