Two paradise destinations in Vietnam

11, April, 2017

Two paradise destinations in Vietnam

On the S-shaped strip of land, there are still plenty of beautiful wilderness in paradise, perfect for trips with friends, family vacations. If you are looking for a Vietnam tour this summer, why don't you include these two paradise destinations.

Ha Giang
The majestic scenery of the North Pole - Ha Giang beautiful and extremely beautiful. Here there are roads running up to the blue sky, the terraces wonders, the imposing stone mountain wonders ... Ha Giang is a beautiful place that you should not miss.

The mountain jungle spawns the message with the trails of small beautiful winding to incredible. From the top of the mountain, far away are the green valleys, steep terraces, rocky plateau, streams, many simple cottages cliffs on the cliffs ...

Ha Giang is not only the Dong Van plateau, Lung Cu flag pole, Ma Phi Leng pass, Nho Que river, Quan Ba ​​double mountain, Hoang Su Phi terraced fields, beautiful triangle fields like her fairy tale. Young women hold a mountain of charge.

Beside the beautiful landscapes, this place also has a unique culture that is the unique market Luai that the Mong ethnic, Black Mongo, Mèo, Tay ... is passed from generation to generation and died for To this day, the culture is as bright as the original. This place is not only beautiful by scenery, culture but also beautiful by the people here, the people who are true and pure.

Moc Chau
Fresh white plum blossom blossomed all over the hills and valleys in Moc Chau, making this plateau an attractive tourist destination on the occasion of the beginning of the year.

Located 200 km west of Hanoi, Moc Chau is suitable for short trips. Sunny days in late winter early spring, both Moc Chau plateau is covered by pure white of apricot blossom, plum blossom.

Coming to Moc Chau not only immerse yourself in the forest flower but also thousands of beautiful scenery for you to explore. Like the tea farm, legendary Pha Luong, pine forest in the village, Thung Cuong village, Yap barbide ... all like a painting of watery dreaming.