Dong Van Plateau, beauty of Ha Giang

11, April, 2017

Dong Van Plateau, beauty of Ha Giang

Possessing rugged mountainous terrain and adventurous arcades, Dong Van is the place to attract many tourists to Ha Giang to experience and discover the wonderful and mysterious. The majestic natural landscape, which is full of poetic, lyrical souls so anxious, fluttering when you set foot here on the tour Ha Giang.

Dong Van Plateau
The road of Dong Van is small, winding but especially very clean and quiet. Coming to Dong Van, you are released into the airy space, fresh green, forget about the city's busy everyday life to receive fresh breeze, breathe the air with passionate mountains and forests. , Seductive and immersed in Dong Van colorful market , fun with many traditional culture.

Dong Van in Ha Giang is also a place for you to discover the traditional cultural beauty of the peoples here with the beautiful old tile roof house with four shields by stone fence connected on the plateau. Rock is attractive The more you go into the mountains, the more fun in the midst of the stone is a quiet home after the excavation or explore the mysterious figure on the plateau wall .

In particular, you can set foot in Meo Vac town, watching the house of the Chinese architecture is very special. Besides, there is also a rustic antique coffee shop that brings back the old, attractive and peaceful spaces that give us so many emotions. Dong Van rocky terrain brings to visitors so many emotions, so many people are attracted to the mountains and feet, it is impossible to forget the beauty of nature, the beauty of national culture and especially How can forget the beauty of the soul, hospitable people of indigenous people living on this beautiful and loving Ha Giang stone plateau .