Should I travel Vietnam without a travel agency

12, May, 2017

Should I travel Vietnam without a travel agency

Air travel has made your holiday easily and Google with its applications like search, map or smart phone with several other applications can be convenient for you to travel in Vietnam. For example, if you just google "Vietnam travel", there are around 18.300.000 results in 0,71 second and you will see everything from best time to visit in Vietnam, Vietnam travel guide, places to visit in Vietnam, things to do in Vietnam, best foods to eat in Vietnam, best hotels to stay in Vietnam, etc. The question is " Should I travel Vietnam without a travel agency" may come to your mind as it can be a real adventure, memorable experience or it should be the way to travel on own to save costs, etc.

Travelling Vietnam without a travel agency

1. You can travel the way you want, no need to stick to a fixed itinerary and schedule. However, you will have to book some short tours in each destination at booking agents, which takes time to look around to check for the price and service. 

2. You will see and do what you are interested in. Things are flexible, but the risk is high as you will have to manage yourself to find a place to eat, catch a cab, buy entrance ticket to visit a site or learn the requirements of this or that in advance. Again, scams can be a problem, too.

Travelling Vietnam with a travel agency

1. Time and Money Savings - Travelling with a local travel agency in Vietnam is highly recommended as things can be organized online from visa, flight, accommmodation, visit to personal needs, which save your time and of course your money. 

2. Travel Assistance - A local travel agency in Vietnam will travel with you from start to finish. You will have a private travel consultant, escorted tour guide, driver and the back-up team who are at your service.

3. Travel Recommendations - A local Vietnam travel agency knows eveything as Vietnam is their home. They will definitely recommend you the best things to do, best places to visit, dos and don'ts in Vietnam, etc.

4. Comfort in the country of destination - With pre-arranged travel service, a tour gudie waiting for you at the airport, fully provided information, your travel in Vietnam will be comfortable. You have nothing to worry about, but enjoy your time in Vietnam.