The most scenic spots in northern Vietnam

29, May, 2017

The most scenic spots in northern Vietnam

There is no good or bad season to visit Vietnam, but if you want to see the most scenic spots at the right time in this country, especially the north, May - September will be the best time. Below are our suggested places to include on your Vietnam travel.

1. Tam Coc - Named as Halong bay on the rice paddy fields, May is when tourists will enjoy amazing boat trip and see rice ripening. The scenery is just like a water-colored painting.

2. Halong bay - The world natural heritage is breathtaking in late afternoon when the sunset shows its beauty and makes the islets look misterious. Halong overnight cruise is best way for tourists to enjoy. Remember to fully charge your camara.

3. Mai Chau - considered as the paradise on the valley of rice paddy, Mai Chau is picturesque. Homestay in Mai Chau offers a great opportunity and experience to explore the hidden beauty, unique culture and life of the ethnic groups living in the area.

4. Moc Chau - The must-see destination for all photographers in Vietnam. However, Moc Chau plateau is still less-visited by foreign tourists. The tea plantation, corn fields and charming villages attract tourists.

5. Mu Cang Chai - This national heritage of Vietnam is where tourists will see spectacular rice terraces. August and September are best months to visit and take wonderful pictures. Homestay in Mu Cang Chai is available, but it is advised to book this trip with a local travel agent in Hanoi.

mu cang chai

6. Muong Hoa valley - The most beautiful valley in Sapa, Muong Hoa valley is stunning with rice terraces and dotted with many ethnic villages - the best place to go on Sapa trekking tour, photography tour and homestay experience. A trip to Sapa considers incomplete without visiting Muong Hoa valley.

7. Tram Ton pass - Also called the heaven gate in Sapa, Tram Ton pass is the most scenic spot to enjoy wonderful view over the valley and Fansipan mount - the highest peak in Vietnam.

8. Fansipan mount - This used to be a challenge for many tourists to Sapa as it took few days to conquer, but it is now easy with cable car to be at the summit which is 3143m above the sea level. If it is clear, you will enjoy the most stunning view in Vietnam. Time for photos!

9. Y Ty - Another destination to see the amazing rice terraces near Sapa, Y Ty voted as the well-kept secret travel destination where earth meets sky and a scenic spot for cloud hunters.

10. Hoang Su Phi - Located in Ha Giang province, but not far from Bac Ha market of Lao Cai, the meandering roads and the rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi have been destination for adventurers to include on a northeast Vietnam tour.

11. Quan Ba heaven gate - The scenic spot in Ha Giang, gateway to Dong Van karst plateau, Quan Ba heaven gate is one of the most scenic spots to leave your footsteps.

quan ba heaven gate

12. Dong Van karst pateau - The highlight of all trips to the northeast Vietnam, Dong Van karst plateau is little visited. Motorcycling tour should be the fun way to explore the region. Rocky mountains, ethnic villages dotted by wild flowers and stone fences look like somewhere coming from books. There are some places to visit such as The Vuong palace, Lung Cu flag tower, Dong Van old street, Pho Bang old town,etc.

13. Ma Phi Leng pass - About 2000m above the sea level, this breathtaking spot located on the happy road, offering great view over mountains and valley. Ma Phi Leng pass built by tears and blood of thousands of people. The work and view are beyond immagination.

14. Ba Be lake - Located in Bac Kan provice, Ba Be lake is a picturesque and peaceful place for homestay experience and boat trip on one of the world's largest fresh water lakes.

15. Ban Gioc waterfall - The nicest waterfall in Vietnam and Asia, Ban Gioc waterfall lies on Vietnam - China border gate.


•  A tour to visit all these scenic spots in northern Vietnam should be customized by an experienced Vietnam travel agent in Hanoi like Vivutravel who knows exactly what to do, when to visit and how to combine these places in one tour itinerary.

•  Before coming, remember to check if you need to apply Vietnam tourist visa and steps to get your Vietnam visa on arrival.

•  Check with your local tour operator what to prepare for this trip and what you are interested in.

•  Except for Sapa, there is no 4 or 5 star hotel in the places you will visit. Basic hotels are available, but homestay is highly recommended.