What to Expect from Vietnam Eco Tours

05, September, 2017

What to Expect from Vietnam Eco Tours

Travel to Vietnam on the tour of SE Asia not only presents the buzzing cities, but also the majestic national parks, the pristine coastline, green rice paddy fields, and lush-green mountains.

Vietnam eco tours are designed to promote green travel in the country and give tourists a more authentic feel of the local way of life. This style of tour lets tourists see the less-touristic regions, such as the countryside. Agriculture and farming is a major part of the Vietnam economy with a high percentage of the population still living a communal, rural lifestyle.

Any travel itinerary that includes a Vietnam eco adventure is likely to include experiences like:

Harvesting rice
Buffalo riding
Trekking or cycling tour of the local ethnic minority villages
Fishing using old-age techniques

Also, a typical part of the eco Vietnam tours is simply to spend time with the locals  to relax while talking and eating. This gives the opportunity to listen to stories of what this country has had to endure in the past. Many of the stories come from local women, war veterans and farmers who make up the backbone the family unit.

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Top eco tours include:

Sapa Biking Tour – a three or four day biking tour gives a perfect opportunity to appreciate the Sapa Mountains and local culture. A relaxing tour gives ample time to follow a trail that passes untouched forests, impressive hamlets, stunning rice terraces, and meeting the local Red Dzao and Black Hmong people. This type of tour makes it possible to witness the day-to-day lives and watch as the locals go about their traditional work.

A further enjoyable trekking experience includes the challenging trek up Fansipan Mountain. This trek encounters the Hoang Lien Son national park with its lush-green valleys, bamboo bushes and flowery paths.

Ha Giang Trekking Tour – a week long tour in the secluded regions of Ha Giang and Yen Bai offers plenty of stops along the way to not only learn about village life, but also appreciate the extraordinary landscape in this part of Vietnam. This type of tour can include enjoying a night in a homestay, learning about local food, and tea collections.

Cao Son Adventure Tour – a trek into the peaceful region of Cao Son is a delight for travellers on the Vietnam tour packages in search of local hospitality and its incredible green nature. This trek can pass through the tropical Monkey forest, Muong Lum hamlet, and Chay river valley. Many of the eco tours are intended to include helping local people, such as planting trees or working in the fields.

Mekong Biking Tour – a biking tour of the Mekong region in the south of Vietnam offers one of the most fascinating trips in the country. A four or five day tour makes it possible to witness the changes in life from the enchanting Chau Doc and Can Tho regions to the lively Ho Chi Minh City. A bike tour through the narrow country lanes in the Mekong Delta includes peddling past picturesque delta homes, tiny orchards, across wooden bridges and pausing to chat with welcoming locals.