3 Top Spots for Street Food in Ho Chi Minh City

07, September, 2017

3 Top Spots for Street Food in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the finest cities in Vietnam to appreciate the variety and breadth of the country's street food. Virtually all of the stalls have a speciality dish that takes influences from all over Vietnam. Tasting the street food is one of the many great things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.

Let's take a look a few of the best streets for street food in Ho Chi Minh City:

Van Kiep Street
Van Kiep Street is a wonderful exhibition of Vietnamese street food at any time of the year. The street is close to the vibrant districts of Binh Thanh and Phu Nhuan and showcases a long list of dishes within a relatively short space. Along a stretch of road that spans a couple hundred metres, the local food specialities include che, bun cha, bun bo Hue, bun mam, banh xeo, banh canh cua and pho.

Many of the customers in the area a quite young and all clustered around the small tables with plastic stools while eating, laughing, gesticulating, and talking. Quan 104 (230 Van Kiep) is a popular destination for the speciality dishes such as grilled octopus. It is grilled over a coal-fired barbecue with the spicy scent often wafting into the street.

This street is a great choice for the southern classic of banh canh cua which is a fishy, slippery, and a stodgy noodle dish. Plus, there are plenty of stalls selling bun mam, which is a potent seafood dish filled with hearty ingredients.

Su Van Hanh Street
The lively street of Sun Van Hanh is well worth a visit on the Vietnam travel packages for its high-grade street foods. The best section is between Nguyen Chi Thanh and Ngo Gia Tu. The street-life in this area is particularly vibrant with plenty of bars, cafes, casual eateries and stalls lining the street.

A particular speciality on this street is banh xeo which is savoury crepes filled with bean sprouts and pork.  

Tai Phat is on the corner of Hoa Hao Street and a great place for Chinese-style noodles. Also, there are a few noodle trolleys called xe mi serving dishes like mi vit tiem which is a deeply aromatic broth with duck and egg noodles.

Vinh Khanh Street
Vinh Khanh Street is a favourite place in Ho Chi Minh City to experience the street food scene, especially the seafood dishes. This is a further region that seems to attract the younger crowd in the evening with the atmosphere quite busy, loud and chaotic.

One of the most famous places to stop and eat shellfish and seafood is Oc Oanh (534 Vinh Khanh Street). This eatery serves great fresh seafood with efficient and brisk service. Try a dish like se diep nuong mo hanh which is grilled scallops with peanuts and spring onions. The prices in the popular food joints are a little high, but it is usually worth the extra expense to get the high-quality food. Also, Quan BBQ Lua (33 Vinh Khanh Street) is a great place for the barbecued meat. Each table has a small coal-fired stove to make it possible to grill marinated fish, pork, goat or beef on a do-it-yourself basis. A mouth-watering dish is suon heo ngu vi, which is marinade pork ribs with plenty of spices.