4 Top Spots for Street Food in Hoi An

13, September, 2017

4 Top Spots for Street Food in Hoi An

In many Vietnamese cities, breakfast and lunch are eaten on the go which makes the country's street food scene extremely popular. There are plenty of things to do in Hoi An, includes visiting the food stands in the city with their delicious and memorable dishes.

Here are a few of the best places to enjoy street food in Hoi An:

Central food market (Tran Phu Street – main entrance)
When Hoi An was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the majority of the food stands were moved to the central food market. This was an effort to improve on the cleanliness of the streets.

A visit to this market is certain to give plenty of choices and options to eat like a king. The cost of the items on the menu is very cheap ($1-$2), but the price can also vary with the serving size. Many of the dishes – such as specialities like mi quang and cao lau - are washed down with a drink of nuc mia (sugar cane juice). There is even a dedicated stall for vegetarian dishes.

The central food market is a great place to spend several mealtimes while on the Vietnam family tour. The atmosphere in the market is great with friendly stallholders and the Vietnamese favourites like bun bo Hue spicy soup and banh xeo pancakes are certain to be not only delicious, but also great value for money.

Com Ga Huong (Le Loi Street)
A legendary street stall in Hoi An is Com Ga Huong, which has been serving the finest quality com ga (chicken rice with local spices, crushed onion and turmeric) for many years. This dish is extremely popular with local Vietnamese people as well as the visiting tourists. This stall has only the single dish on the menu so it is certain to be a delightfully light and tasty treat.

Thanh Cao Lau (Thai Phien Street)
A great place to try the Hoi An signature dish is Thanh Cao Lau. The serving of cao lau (noodles, pork and local greens) is available daily from about midday, but the opening hours for this stall can depend on how long the ingredients last. Alternatively, for travellers that prefer to sit while eating, a visit to the Morning Glory (Nguyen Thai Hoc Street) is certain to be a great option. But, any visitors to Hoi An shouldn't leave the city without first tasting this local delight from a small stool on the street.

Banh Mi Phuong (Phan Chau Trinh Street)
The most delicious bani mi (Vietnamese sandwich with a filling of your choice) is found in Banh Mi Phuong. One of the most popular sandwiches includes ingredients like pate, spring onions, sliced tomato, cucumber, pickled papaya, pork patty, head cheese, grilled pork and mayonnaise.

Also, this place is great for travellers on the Vietnam holiday in search of the Western food with a slight Vietnamese slant. Any of the food can be eaten on the small stools outside, much like the local people do.

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