A Visa Service Ensures Smooth Process

18, September, 2017

A Visa Service Ensures Smooth Process

The system of a Vietnam visa on arrival is a convenient way of getting into this fascinating country. It is only available to tourists that are flying into the country at a designated airport. More and more tourists are arriving in Vietnam each year; the last official figures for a complete year showed they now exceed 10 million. Obtaining a Vietnam tourist visa for entry involves approaching a Vietnam Embassy or Consulate and surrendering your passport for the period time it takes to process the application. That may be for up to two weeks which equates to 10 working days. That process is unlikely to speed up if only because of the increased volume of applications.

There is a better way to do things and that is to use a specialist Vietnam visa provider who can handle the whole process for you and complete it within two or three days. Indeed, if you need an urgent Vietnam visa that can be arranged in a single day on submission of a completed visa application form and the Vietnam visa fee.

The Vietnam Immigration Department issues a ‘’Vietnam Approval Letter’’ which is sent both to the applicant and to Immigration at the proposed airport of entry. It means that when you present your passport and letter after landing, Immigration is already anticipating your arrival and will stamp the entry visa into your passport.

Obviously, it is important to find a company with a good reputation for professionalism and service, someone like the ‘’arm’’ of a quality tour company such as Vivu Travel. Vivu Travel is based in Hanoi and has built up a strong reputation over more than a decade for arranging good Vietnam travel packages and providing all the support that is required from the initial enquiry right up until the end of the holiday. That includes arranging for all the documentation that will be required. After you pass through arrivals with your visa already stamped into your passport, Vivu Travel’s representatives will be there to greet you to start your holiday.

If you are new to Indochina, and Vietnam in particular, it makes sense to get the help and advice of a company that has traded for several years in tourism in the region. It is easy to identify the highlights of the region but it is less straightforward to put them all into a practical itinerary and make all the necessary bookings. A good tour company can do all that for you so that the holiday runs smoothly.

From time to time, the legislation on visas changes and indeed, it already varies from country to country. A specialist service provider will always be up to date with the current regulations so by using them, you will do all that is required of you. There is surely no better way to proceed, book a holiday and enjoy the journey through this great country? Get in touch, because you certainly have nothing at all to lose.