Visas to Vietnam and the differences

06, November, 2017

Visas to Vietnam and the differences

Most tourists to Vietnam need applying Vietnam visa in advance to enter the country. In spite of the fact that Vietnam visa policy has been changed to attract more visitors, it is still very confusing for the first time visitors. To make it simple and clear, it is essental to read our "Visas to Vietnam and the differences"

Where to apply Vietnam visa:

1. Vietnam embassy visa:
This is the trational way and the highly recommended for those who enter Vietnam by air, sea or land. However, it is not convenient if you are not living near a Vietnam Embassy or Consulate. 

Good things: You have visa to Vietnam on hand before your arrival and do not have to wait for visa stampping process at arrival airport, which takes time. 

Bad things: This is more expensive than visa on arrival and it takes from 3-7 days to have the visa done. It is inconvenient if there is no Vietnam Embassy or Consulate at your city/country or you are living far from it. 

2. Vietnam E Visa:
This is the new way. Instead of visiting a Vietnam Embassy or Consulate to get the visa, you can now stay at home and go online, you can contact Vietnam Immigration directly for visa. 

Good things: It saves your time and you get visa directly with Vietnam Immigration.

Bad things: Vietnam E Visa is valid for 30 day single visa only. The visa fee must be paid in advance and no refund if your passport is refused.

3. Vietnam visa on arrival:
This is the best way to obtain a cheap visa to Vietnam. It is reliable, quick and convenient as you are supported by a Vietnam travel company. What you have to do is to submit the visa form and follow the guide. Read our steps to get Vietnam visa on arrival.

Good things: It is time - saving especially when you need urgent visa to Vietnam which can be obtained within 2- 8 hours. Vietnam embassy visa or Vietnam e - visa will not work in this case. Vietnam visa on arrival is also the cheapest way from $8 per person and 100% guaranteeded at Vivutravel. All Vietnam visa types work with Vietnam visa on arrival. (single entry, multi entries)

Bad things: In peak time or season, it takes time to complete the visa on arrival. It is not comfortable to stand in line for around an hour to get the visa stamp. However, the fast track service is a good choice, which costs $10 per person and you are supported to have the visa done in a quickest way.