North of Vietnam links to boast sustainable tourism

22, November, 2017

North of Vietnam links to boast sustainable tourism

The north of Vietnam divided into two regions, the northeast and northwest. Both are mountainous, remoted, but blessed with beautiful scenery, rich and diverse culture of different ethnic groups. The north of Vietnam in general is the great destination for adventure tour, trekking tour, homestay experience, etc.

The northwest:

1. Mai Chau valley - Named as the paradise valley on the rice paddy fields and dotted with stilted houses of the White Thai minority, Mai Chau is highly recommended for a 2-3 day tour from Hanoi where tourists can experience homestay, cycle through rice paddies, hike around. Some mountain resorts are available with swimming pool if you want comfort.

mai chau valley tour

2. Pu Luong natural reserve - A stunning place but less-visited, Pu Luong has great potential for sustainable tourism and can combine with Mai Chau to make a perfect tour. Tourists to Pu Luong will enjoy trekking through rice terraces, villages of the Thai minority, experience homestay or stay at a mountain retreat. Read more: Pu Luong travel guide

pu luong natural reserve

3. Mu Cang Chai - Listed as the national heritage of Vietnam, the rice terraced fields in and around Mu Cang Chai are amazing from July to October. If you are photographers, a visit to Mu Cang Chai is a must. On this tour, tourists can experience hoemstay, trek to explore villages of the H'Mong ethnic minority or visit colorful markets. Read more: Mu Cang Chai travel guide

mu cang chai tour

4. Sapa - The most stunning destination in the northwest of Vietnam, the best time to visit is in rice season from June - Early October. However, Sapa is aways beautiful and a place for homestay, trekking, mountain climbing, etc. Sapa is developing very fast with more hotels and construction everywhere. If you visit Sapa, do not stay in town, it is too touristic. A trekking and homestay tour to Muong Hoa valley is advised. What you need is to contact Vivutravel. 

sapa vivutravel

5. Bac Ha market - Opened on Sundays only, Bac Ha is 100km away from Sapa and Vivutravel highly recommend a visit to this colorful market. It is a real market where different ethnic minorities come to trade, to meet friends and enjoy life by the food stalls with rice wine. Bac Ha market is so interesting place, but make sure you are there on Sunday morning from 6 AM - 1 PM.

bac ha market vivutravel

The Northeast:

1. Ha Giang - The most scenic destination of the northeast, Ha Giang is an opponent of Sapa, and even far more beautiful and less touristic. Ha Giang has many things to see and do such as the rice terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi (a national heritage), stunning heaven gate of Quan Ba, winding roads and breathtaking pass of Ma Phi Leng, forgotten town of Pho Bang, the Vuong place, national flag tower in Lung Cu, local markets and peaceful villages of several ethinic groups where their life and culture await your discovery.

ha giang vivutravel

2. Ba Be lake - One of the world's largest freshwater lake, Ba Ba is beautiful as a water painting dotted with peaceful villages of the Tay minority. Homestay, boat trip, caves, waterfall, treking are what you can do and see here.

ba be lake vivutravel

3. Ban Gioc waterfall - The nicest waterfall in Vietnam located in Cao Bang province, Ban Gioc is the highlight of the northeast tour package. It is quite difficult to describe the beauty of the falls by words, you must come.

ban gioc waterfall vivutravel

Based in Hanoi, Vivutravel are expert for customised tour packages to the northeast or northwest of Vietnam. You can get some suggestions at our Vietnam Northeast and Northwest tours before sending us your inquiry.