Be On The 9th Cloud - Ta Xua Peak

23, December, 2017

Be On The 9th Cloud - Ta Xua Peak

The Ta Xua is a chain of a mountain range located at Bac Yen District and found to be lying in and around the northern parts of Vietnam. This particular mountain range has a naturally formed border that lies between Yen Bai and Son La. Ta Xua's location is very close to Hanoi and at a distance of about 250 km.

The floating clouds:
Ta Xua is known for its floating ocean of clouds that looks the best when witnessed from the peak of the mountain range. This particular mountain has a height of about 2865 meters and is the tenth highest mountain located in Vietnam. Trekking around Ta Xua is a real challenge, but thanks to the road constructions, now anyone can trek over to witness the cloudy mountains from the top of the mountain.  

Best time to visit Ta Xua:
The best time to visit Ta Xua would be from December to March, where the climate would be favorable enough to trek through the mountain and hunt some clouds out of them. The fluffy clouds look the best during these months and especially during the sunrise time. The temperature remains moderate during the daytime in these months, which makes many travelers to trek and witness the real beauty of the mountains.
Nearby City:

Ta Xua is located nearby to Hanoi, and you can reach here by driving through Son La and Bac Yen. There are many different transportation facilities available to reach Ta Xua from Hanoi. One can hire a motorbike, take a public bus ride or a taxi to reach the mountains from Hanoi.

Many people who have witnessed the mountain range from the top view have said that it looks like a back part of a dinosaur. There are many new paths discovered and constructed to reach the mountaintop. Once a person gets to reach the mountaintop, it definitely looks like being in a paradise and witnessing a whole new world. A marvelous kaleidoscopic view, one can ever cherish for the entire life.

Best ways to witness sunrise:
The sun rises along the mountains and spreads through the clouds makes the whole ambiance look like a picture perfect one. If you are planning to visit Ta Xua, then make sure to be at the mountaintop by evening, so that you can get to take some rest and witness the real sunrise charm the next day.

Planning the trip:
Plan your trip as a two-day long one, so that you can travel towards the mountains before the night and then start trekking to the top before the moon shows up. The remaining one and a half day can be well-spent trekking and camping around the mountains. You can find multiple holiday packages suitable to your budget, targeting the travelers to witness the sunrise as their priority. Many of the tour operators are also accepting advance tour booking.

The breath-taking sunrise can bring in more positivity to a human body and let them explore more around the mountains. Vietnam rour operators like Vivutravel offer guided tours and also provide camping facilities which will allow you enjoy the nature's splendidness in its full throttles in a grand gala style.  A lifetime experience, you would never love to miss, be on the 9th cloud – the Ta Xua Peak.