Bach Moc Luong Tu Mount, Trekkers’ Paradise

25, December, 2017

 Bach Moc Luong Tu Mount, Trekkers’ Paradise

The Bach Moc Luong Tu mountain range is the number 4 tallest mountain in Vietnam, which has an altitude of 3,046 meters from the sea level.  It is one of the most attractive adventurous tourist destination, especially for people who are into trekking and other outdoor activities.

It lies between Lao Cai and Lai Chau, and it is rich with rocky terrain and turned as a hot tourist destination since 2012, and its adventurousterrain makes it a compelling location for exploring nature’s hidden lavish beauties. Its natural beauty is heart whelming and savor the quest for people who enjoy the serene beauty of nature.

The top view and trekking:
The top view from these mountains is the main reason for many numbers of tourists visiting Vietnam every other year. Whenever a tourist plans or gets to visit Vietnam, they shall definitely get to know about Bach Moc Luong Tu Mount and the beautiful view it offers.

Trekking is the significant exploration around these mountain ranges. And, the tourists shall be guided to climb over the mountains to witness the real beauty of sunrise from top part of them. Driving through the forest road shall be an enthralling one with multiple turnovers and sheer rocks surrounding the road. The bamboo forest is an added attraction to these mountain ranges.

Best time to visit:
The best months to climb over the Back Moc Luong Tu Mountain would be the cold and winter months, starting from October to April, where the humidity and climatic condition remains dry makes trekking a memorable experience. When you tend to hike during December, you can witness snow covering parts of the mountain range.

Visiting the mountain range through Vietnam tour packages:
Tourists who are visiting Vietnam with any tour package that includes visiting and trekking Bach Moc Luong Tu Mount can reach the peak of the mountain in two different ways.

Option 1:
The first choice is by departing from Sin Suoi Ho Village and passing through Phong Tho District, Ki Quan San Hamlet and then Xat District located in Lao Cai Province. By taking this particular path to reach the Bach Moc Luong Tu Mount, one can witness different types of bare hills, forests, and roads before reaching the destination itself.

Option: 2
The second option is by choosing the trek to Bach Moc Luong Tu Mount tour package from the tour organizers, who can help you visit major attractive places in and around Vietnam and in Bach Moc Luong Tu mount too. By choosing such packages, one can trek through the mountains and reach the top view before night. Take some rest by the camp and wake up early morning to witness the real beauty of sun rays passing through the mountain. It takes nearly six hours to trek to top part of the mountain. This is why many of the tourists start trekking from mid-afternoon or evening time so that they can reach the top portion before the moon shows up.

Have your breakfast by witnessing the forestry landscapes and by experiencing the fresh air from the top of Bach Moc Luong Tu Mountain. One can also stay back to have a picnic lunch at the hilltop before trekking down to visit other tourist attractions in Vietnam. Check with your tour agent, to know the best option and tour packages.

Vivutravel are local Vietnam travel company in Hanoi, we organise a climbing tour to conquer Bach Moc Luong Tu Mountain. If you want to book a tour, just feel free to contact us.

Below is our suggested itinerary started from Sapa:

Day 1: Pick up and Bach Moc mountain trek – Base Camp (Lunch/Dinner) (Guide and Porter)
Started from Sapa at 9:30am, drive to Sang Ma Sao village ( 48 km from SaPa ). Arrive Sang Ma Sao village at 11 am and keep on to Ky Quan Son village where we will cross bamboo forests and have lunch along the way. We reach the elevation of 2100 m in the late afternoon, time to camp, prepare dinner and sleep in a tent under the stars. This is a life experience?. ( 6 hours of trekking )

Day 2: Bach Moc trek – Bach Moc Summit – Base Camp (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) (Guide and Porter)
After breakfast, we continue our adventure to the summit of Bach Moc mountain. We trek through luxuriant forests before approaching the top of the Bach Moc mountain. As soon as you get there, you will enjoy beautiful and breathtaking views and time to celebrate and take photos. Get back to the base camp for the second night ( 6 hours of trekking ).

Day 3: Camp Point – Muoi mountain – SaPa (Breakfast/Lunch) (Guide and Porter)
It is sad to leave a such beautiful place, but we must. After breakfast, take another way to descend to the foot of the mountain where our driver is waiting to go back to Sapa for hot shower ( 4 hours of trekking ). Tour finished.