Fansipan Mountain Stands Tall In All Aspects

28, December, 2017

Fansipan Mountain Stands Tall In All Aspects

The Fansipan Mountain is the tallest mountain located in Sapa in Vietnam. Many trekkers from all around the world visit Fansipan Mountain to trek and get close to nature. It nearly takes three days to reach the peak of this mountain range. The top portion of the mountain has the most beautiful and breathtaking view of nature, and it can be accessed by anyone as the mountain remains in good shape all through the year.  

Trekking around:
Tour organizers in Vietnam shall arrange with the essential trekking facilities that can help the trekkers to reach the top portion of the mountain. If you are an amateur trekker, then you can climb over the mountain by following the guidelines that shall be handed over by such tour organizers.  

Best time to visit:
The ideal season to visit Fansipan Mountain is from September to March and these periods are the best season for trekking also.  One can witness thousands of flowers blossomed all over the valley and hill making it a captivating feast of the beautiful nature.

How to get there?
Reaching the mountain range is a simple process. All you need to do is, catch a train overnight at Hanoi to reach Sapa city. By reaching Sapa city, you have arrived nearby to the most beautiful mountain range located in Vietnam. One can even take public bus tours or special tour bus tripe organized by the tour operators to visit places in and around Fansipan Mountain and Sapa city at the same time. To save time and have a more comfortable Sapa tour, just book private SAPA tour package at Vivutravel.

The big budget cable cars:
Although any amateur or professional trekker can easily climb over the mountains, with proper precaution taken around, many people still wanted to get over to the top portion of the mountain through other ways. Due to high demand, authorities started a cable car service to Fansipan Mountain in the year 2013.  The cable car service is the longest of its class, operated with three wire cables with a capacity of thirty-five passengers.  The passenger capacity is enough to accommodate two thousand tourists per day, which makes visiting the mountain an easy item of Fansipan Mountain tour. The tickets are reasonable, and there are two different tickets sold as per the tourist age group.

Plants and trees:
The Fansipan Mountain is a home for more than one thousand six hundred and eight different types of plant species. Some of these plants species are rare to find elsewhere in the world. While you are trekking around the mountain, you are about to discover different plant regions on every surface of the mountain range. One can witness a significant number of jackfruits around the ground level of Fansipan. When you have reached 2000m of your whole trekking process, you can observe seed bearing plans like the pine tree, fokienia and much more.

Stunning waterfalls:
On your way to Mount Fansipan, you will be greeted with many waterfalls. The famous waterfalls are Cat Cat waterfall, Thac Bac and Thac Tinh Yeu, which are ideal places for relaxing on your way to the mountaintop.

With such ideal things to do and to witness around, the Fansipan mountain range is the best place to visit with your friends and family members.  Traveling inside Vietnam is a beautiful experience. You can find many professionally managed tour operators, who have excellent knowledge about every nook and corner of Vietnam. Vietnam tour operators have specially designed tour packages to meet your interest.  You can have bilingual tour guides and also personal tour services to make your trip a memorable experience.

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