Paradise Valley Of Tea Plantation - The Moc Chau Plateau

01, January, 2018

Paradise Valley Of Tea Plantation - The Moc Chau Plateau

If you ever wonder whether romantic landscapes with a stunningly beautiful grass field and flowery valleys exist in the world, you need to visit Moc Chau. Moc Chau is a district in Son La province located 200km from Hanoi. Moc Chau is rich with breathtakingly beautiful tea plantations and flowering fruit trees.

Enriched with green tea hills and waterfalls, Moc Chau is an ideal weekend gateway for the Vietnamese travelers. Meet hill tribes, enjoy the local food and explore the breathtaking scenery from green valleys of Moc Chau. Read more: Northwest

How to reach
Travelling to Moc Chau from Hanoi takes around 5 hours from Hanoi. To reach Moc Chau, you can rely on bus service as it is a main through route. However, the best way to reach Moc Chau is by car or a motorbike. The national highway No6 route is the best route, From Xuan Mai to Hoa Binh also, you can travel as the road is in an excellent condition.

Culture of Moc Chau
Talking about the culture of Moc Chau, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the colorful costumes worn by the native Hmong tribes. Once you are in any marketplaces in Moc Chau, you can commonly spot women wearing colorful costumes of various patterns and styles. Hmong.Women of Hmong tribe choose to wear these bright Chinese printed ethnic clothes while working in tea plantation and fields every day. However, they keep the embroidered dress for the festive occasions.

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Common attractions in Moc Chau
The significant tourist activity in Moc Chau is sightseeing. Ba Phach village and Pine Forest in Ang Village is a must see place and the best time to visit is spring season. Dai Yem waterfall is yet another beautiful destination that you must visit in the rainy season. If you wish to visit ethnics of Moc Chau, plan a trip to Ngu Dong and Long Luong villages to see H'mong ethnic groups. Travel to the northern side of Son LA to admire the greenery and beauty of the tea plantations. The plateau is also known for colorful festivals of Hmong tribes.

Although Moc Chau is not very far from Hanoi, it needs at least 2 days to explore the plateau thoroughly. If you wish to choose conducted tour or tour packages, choose according to the priority. Considering the abundance of tours to choose from, it is not an easy task.

What not to miss
Moc Chau hosts 4 different seasons that includes Plum flower season, Peach flower season, Ban Flower season and tree marigold flower seasons. These 4 seasons makes Moc Chau a paradise valley of colorful flowers. People love to visit the plateau during these seasons in particular. The tea tree celebration in autumn and spring season should not miss at any cost. Spring is the best time to visit the plateau though as autumn is a bit cold.

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Stay and accommodation
Being a calm and quite popular tourist destination, Moc Chau offers several accommodation options for visitors. You can find homestays in Hua Tat village offering authentic and beautiful Vietnamese experience. Muong Thanh Luxury Moc Chau is the first ever 4-star hotel on the plateau.

To include Moc Chau beauty in a short write up is impossible! To enjoy the flowering trees and blooming peaches in right contrast pay a visit to Moc Chau. The Hmong ethnic minorities will welcome you warmly, as they are incredibly loyal and cooperative. Embrace the music of ethnic tribes' spreading over the highland along with the delicious traditional dishes. Get in touch with your favorite tour operator, to streamline your visiting plans and enjoy every bit of your holidays in Vietnam.

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